Dawn Prepares

Dawn stared at her reflection, in just two days she’d have her first truly official function. She’d been to event’s before as much as children where permitted, but the Dacre wedding would be her first function as an adult.  Children spent most of their time it on the sidelines of social affairs. Present, seen but not heard.  During a wedding you may be present with your parent or nanny during the ceremony but like a puff of smoke you where expected to disappear as soon as the real socialising began.


The Dacre wedding was almost as much of a big deal for Dawn as it was for Anya herself. She would be expected to accompany Gabriel Hamdun her newly arranged betrothed during the celebrations, their official announcement of their intention to marry. 

Daniel had visited personally to tell her of the change of arrangements and while she was not disappointed not to be marrying Joseph the news of Gabriel’s intention was a great shock.  He’d spent a great deal of time, seeming to try and convince her of the solidity of the arrangement and how Gabriel was a far better prospect than Joseph, but by the end of it all she’d truly gathered was that for some reason Daniel was struggling to convince himself. 

The details where fuzzy, around why Gabriel needed to re-marry.  Very little news got to the boarding school and by the time it did it was often corrupted into something unrecognisable from the truth like it had been party to some great game of Chinese whispers. None the less rumour had been, that he had killed his previous wife. The truth escaped her for now, but the rumour for years had been that there was something “wrong” in the relationship and that’s why it had taken so long for them to have children. 

Sufficed to say Gabriel was certainly not a man she’d ever hoped to marry. 

The truth was Dawn was probably one of the few noblewomen in Grimstead, not itching to be married the prospect of being “lady” anything simply did not appeal. The School and nun’s where the only family she’d truly known, since her mother died and she could not even remember her father’s face anymore. If she’d been asked her opinion she would gladly have chosen to remain here as a tutor to the younger children forfeiting the privilege of marriage willingly, however her opinion had not been sought and she was getting married and thus she accepted it. 

Making the best of it, peering at her reflection she straightened the gown she’d just had fitted for the event.  It was orange an unusual colour for gown but it had been her family colours and she’s chosen it to remind herself and others that the Shaw family where not dead.

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