Stupid Noblemen

“Im cold” Anya chattered, snuggling deeper into Bailey’s chest. They’d found a small barn on a local farm to hide out in, as Anya had been finding travelling cross country too difficult in the dark. 

Their plan was to wait till morning and the head towards the Vaux estate where Bailey could see his mother. He was convinced Lynette would help them with a little money and food. Though to be fair there wasn’t much of a plan, neither of them had intended on running away this evening.  

Things had just sort of snowballed and when the offer had first escaped Bailey’s lips he hadn’t a clue if it was even possible.

“I know you are” he soothed holding her close, “We’ll head to my ma’s as soon as it’s light”

“Is it far?”

“Quite far” he admitted, “I know the way but I imagine it’s long walk without a horse”

Anya nodded, everything suddenly seemed very over whelming, she’d not thought about the consequences she just wanted away from that house away from talk of weddings and Maegan’s endless chattering of baby’s away from the suppressing feeling that was building up threatening to explode from her chest every time she thought about the Baron and life away from people she knew.

It was all so uncertain and it was overwhelming stifling almost, she was used to being forgotten about, the daughter of a nobleman and a merchant woman too worthless to bother with.

 Throw Anya here, shove her there … that’s what it was always like….she was in the way and unwanted, worthless burden.

She wasn’t Maegans lady in waiting because it was good for her but simply because like always everything revolved around Christopher and it was good for his image to have her at his wifes side.

Even now this marriage was all about family honour and standing, no-one actually cared about her, no-one would care if the Baron beat her .. as long as the Vaux’s where seen in his favour.

Stupid nobleman … The only time anyone would even remember her name would be if she failed to provide him with a child.

But … Bailey… he was different. He cared about her welcoming her with a smile.  She liked that he always went out of his way to talk to her and not because she was noblewoman, Christophers sister, Maegans Lady in waiting or even because she was Orricks daughter, mearly because he liked her and he would have liked her all the same if she’d been a peasant girl.

She wondered what was going on back at home, it was certain by now her father knew. what did he think… stupid man… she knew what he thought he’d be rattling  on about his stupid honour and stupid Christopher without even the faintest care about if she was ok.

Damn the lot of them, they didn’t care about her and she didn’t care about them.

One response to “Stupid Noblemen

  1. … Ok, so Orrick was talking a lot about Christopher, so Anya has a point there. But it was more frustrated ranting against his dear son for not being around to catch this, and not “Oh noes! What will Anya’s running away to to Christopher’s reputation!”

    I hope Lynette is sensible enough to put those two kids under lock and key until they can both calm down and maybe Orrick can calm down too. I just don’t think two thirteen-year-olds running off can end particularly well. :-S

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