Damn The Boy

“Damn it where is that boy?” Orrick growled, angrily at Maegan while pacing up and down the lounge  “How could he let this happen under his own roof? Does he not understand the importance of this wedding”

Maegan kept her head down she truly didn’t know what to say, she’d known off Anya’s relationship and of all people she had probably been the only one to know it wasn’t one of Anya’s usual infatuations, she shot at pleading glance at Raeanne who gave her a sympathetic half smile in return.  

“Maegan I am really at my wit’s end with that boy, he is never around when we need him. Im really starting to wonder if he’s ready to be here without supervision”

“Orrick he means well” Maegan protested “he’s taking his responsibility seriously”

“Is he really?” Orrick scowled, “Then where the hell is he?? He’s allowed his sister to carry on with the stable hand under his own roof and when it all get’s out of hand where is he?? Where he usually is I imagine … whoring and drinking”

“Father!” Raeanne exclaimed, unable to remain silent any longer  “Maegan doesn’t need to hear that sort of thing”

“Yes.. yes..” Orrick agreed, “Im sorry Maegan… im sure he’s somewhere … quite explainable”

Maegan sighed, she was sure he was somewhere ‘quite explainable’ but honestly she didn’t know what to say to her father in law. Christopher had run off so quickly that afternoon with no explanation or leaving any idea of when he’d be back.

Almost reading her mind Orrick sighed “Do we have any idea when that useless lump of a son of mine will be back?”

“Im sorry” Maegan apologised, “He seemed to leave in quite a hurry, it seemed quite important”

“More important than his sisters disappearance?” he scowled. “did no-one know she was carrying on?”

“We knew father” Raeanne admitted, “But it seemed to be over ages ago, Christopher put a stop to it”

“Not a very good one apparently!”

“Apparently not, but father no-one could have guessed, she seemed to have really settled into the idea of marrying the Baron of late”

“Raeanne I left you here in good faith, you were supposed to be taking care of her”

“Im trying” Raeanne protested “but she doesn’t always want to talk, least of all to me”

Orrick seemed to take a moment to try and compose himself, pausing he placed his hands on the fireplace and took a deep breath. “So… what do we know? Who is this boy?”

Raeanne cringed “It’s mothers son, Bailey”

“Bailey? What the hell is he doing here?” he demanded any gathered calmness disappearing in an instant.

“Chris gave him and Chase a job as stable hands”

“Oh fer lords sake!” Orrick scowled “Why?”

“I guess he just wanted to help out mother, she’s getting on and she hasn’t been too well the last few year,  she was worried for them. So Chris got them a job on a local farm and gave them some work around here… just to help her out”

“Well that worked wonders” Orrick scowled, “If that boy cared half as much about my feeling as he does his blessed mothers I’d be a happy man”

“Father please try and calm down, she’ll turn up they can’t possibly have got that far?”

“She better!” Orrick growled, “Do we at least know if their relationship is physical?”

“I don’t think so” Maegan replied hurriedly “She’s been asking me questions about….. “ her voice trailing off suddenly realising she didn’t want to explain to her father in law about her physical relationship with his son.

“About what?” he demanded as her cheek’s flushed, suddenly seeming to notice and a smile spread across his face. “No need to explain” he grinned “At least the boy is getting something right”

One response to “Damn The Boy

  1. Oh, Orrick. If you only knew what Chris was up to! You’d probably wish it was whoring and drinking! Whoring and drinking is far less likely to make you dead than pissing off werewolves AND vampires AND demons AND mages and god only knows what else.

    But still! He hasn’t killed anyone yet! It looks like Orrick is indeed mellowing out in his old age.

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