Maegan Tell’s Anya

“Did It hurt” Anya asked as the girls sat in Maegan’s bedroom “The first time with Chris, Did it hurt?” 

Maegan paused, she hadn’t actually gotten around to telling Anya that her first time with Chris it seemed had been her first time ever. Somehow it didn’t seem appropriate, in fact it almost seemed almost inappropriate to tell her that she’d not actually been as unlucky with Peter as Anya had.


“It hurt a little” she replied “It was more nice than painful though” 

“What about last night… I assume… it happened last night as well?” 

Maegan nodded, flushing “and this morning” she replied embarrassed, she felt weird discussing it with Anya, Raeanne had explained to her earlier that day that she should talk to Anya about it, explain that is wasn’t as terrifying as they had both envisioned. 

“And last night?” 

Maegan nodded, biting her bottom lip “He seems to like it” 

Anya giggled “Goodness Meg’s” 

Maegan sighed feeling a little relived, Anya seemed different this morning, more like her old self and the twinkle in her eye told her she wasn’t though with questions yet. 

“So how did you do it? Like any of the pictures in the book?” 

Maegan turned beetroot “No not like that” she blushed “just the regular way” 

“Do you think he will want you to try other ways?” 

“I don’t know” she giggled 

Anya squealed “So you did like it?” 

“It was …. pleasant.. well strange.. kind of.. oh I don’t know how to explain it” 

“try” Anya insisted. 

“Well the first time it was sort of uncomfortable, odd I suppose. I didn’t quite know what to do, so I just let Chris handle it. It wasn’t unpleasant but it was a bit strange, but strange in a sort of nice way” 

“Was it really special?” 

“I suppose” Maegan smiled, “It was nice to be that close to him” 

“What about this morning surely your getting used to it now?” 

“Yes I guess” she smiled, “It’s a funny thing really, It’s just like kissing really but kissing with your whole body. ” 

“That sounds funny” Anya agreed. 

“It was nice, but it’s also a lot of hard work” she decided. “I think I still need to get used to it, I still don’t quite understand why people would risk so much to have it, but still it’s not so bad. I don’t think you should be scared of the Baron wanting to do it with you, he seems the gentle sort don’t you think?” 

“I don’t know” Anya shrugged her face turning serious “men are funny things don’t you think, you never know what they want what if he likes to be rough?” 

Maegan shrugged not really knowing the answer “I don’t think he does.. he doesn’t seem the type” she replied reassuringly.

One response to “Maegan Tell’s Anya

  1. Good to see that Anya is getting some straight facts and reassurance. :) And Maegan should hang in there — it’ll probably get much better once she has a better idea of what she’s doing!

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