Anya Return’s

Raeanne breathed a sigh of relief as she watched her sister step from the coach, she’d been torn about allowing her to go but seeing her smiling she felt relieved about her decision. Embracing her as soon as she entered the house.  

“Your acting like a wasn’t coming back” Anya giggled.


“I was worried” Raeanne admitted “I wasn’t sure I’d made the right decision, so how was it?” 

“Oh Anne you wouldn’t believe the size of the castle” Anya gushed excitedly, any hints of nerves seeming to have completely vanished. 

“Is the baron coming inside?” she queried looking back towards the coach. 

“No he said he has to get back, he doesn’t want to disturb our sleep too much” 

“It is late” Raeanne agreed, the midnight bell having rung some time earlier, directing her sister inside “So was the castle nice?” she asked. 

“It is huge” Anya giggled “And it’s all so fancy you daren’t sit down for fear of marking something. I was shown my chambers and I met the Dutchess and it was all just magnificent, Im to have a lady in waiting and TWO lady’s maids” 

“Your chambers?” Raeanne asked with a raised eyebrow “I hope it wasn’t too familiar?” 

Anya scowled playfully “He was a perfect gentleman” she insisted, “Didn’t even venture a kiss goodnight.. even though I would have let him if he tried” she giggled. 

“You seem to have warmed to him” Raeanne noted, seeing how different her sister seemed from the terrified bundle of nerve’s she’d sent of in the coach some hours earlier. 

“I think when you see a man in his own home, you truly start to see him” Anya smiled “It was surprising really … I feel like I’ve really started to know him” 

“So your happier with the idea of marrying him now?” 

“I guess so” Anya nodded, “I think the way a man interacts with his servants says a lot about a man don’t you think? I mean there are certain things you can fake but as much as you can tell them to pretend they like you.. you can’t truly fake affection can you?”

 “What do you mean?” 

“I mean his servants really seem to like him, that counts for a lot doesn’t it? It means they are well treated ? Surely if a man treats his servants well he will treat his wife well also?” 

“I suppose so” Raeanne nodded. 

“There was this one little girl, a child of one of my maids she snuck right into the nursery while I was being shown around ran right past her mother and to the Baron, insisting that he’d missed her goodnight story. He scooped her right up as though he’s done it a thousand times and apologised, promising that she could have two tomorrow night. You can’t make a small child fake that can you? I mean not really. Even if you told it to say those things you’d know.. it would seem forced don’t you think?” 

“I guess so” Raeanne agreed “I’m glad you feel more at ease” 

“I’m still terrified” she sighed nervously “It’s going to be a big change.. but I guess I feel a little better. We talked some he explained that he keeps visiting so often because he wants me to feel happier about it, but I guess it’s working because I do” 

“That’s good to hear” Raeanne smiled relieved beyond words that Anya seemed more like her old self, despite being a little concerned about the swiftness of the change.

One response to “Anya Return’s

  1. On the one hand, great! They’re getting along. And I certainly believe the little girl asking Vincent why he didn’t read her a story — both the girl and Vincent’s reaction strike me as being par for the course for that castle.

    On the other hand … how much of this is really genuine, and how much of this is Vincent’s mind-meddling?

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