Anya isn’t Happy

“Anya stop fidgeting” Raeanne scolded, as the seamstress tried to measure her for her wedding gown. Her younger sister was in a horrible mood, had been ever since Maegan and Christopher had come grinning into the dining room for breakfast, by then of course the whole house had heard the news about what had gone on in Christopher’s room last night. 

The new’s it’s self hadn’t seemed to both Anya so much as the fact the Maegan seemed happy about it. Raeanne supposed Anya felt like she’d lost her only supporter in her crusade against all men, and coupled with a wedding dress fitting had tarnished any hope that Anya was going to crack a smile today. 

Taking the last measurement the seem-stress smiled “So have we decided on a colour?” she asked. 

“Black” Anya grumbled. 

“Oh silly” Maegan grinned “Blacks for mourning, what about blue.. or green?” 

“Why shouldn’t I mourn” Anya growled “I’m loosing my freedom aren’t I?” 

Raeanne couldn’t help but chuckle, she was sure she’d been the exact same way about the dress when the same woman had tried to fit her for the gown she was suppose to wear to marry Thomas. “Come on Anya it’s not as bad as all that” Raeanne smiled “I thought you wanted to get married? I remember not so long ago you where terrified it wouldn’t happen?” 

“I changed my mind” Anya scowled. 

“Oh Anya, try and look forward to it” Maegan urged “Your going to look so pretty and even Chris says the the baron has the means to look after you, You’ll be Baroness Dacre soon.. doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?” 

“It’s alright” Anya grumbled. 

“think about it this way” Raeanne suggested “In a month or two even the Hamdun’s.. who thought you weren’t good enough for them, will have to call you Baroness. Surely that is something to look forward to at least” 

“I bet Gabriel will near choke on the words” Maegan giggled. 

“Maybe” Anya agreed reluctantly. 

“Then think of the baby’s” Maegan replied excitedly “By this time next year we could both have baby’s… won’t that be just the cutest thing? We can sit out in the garden’s with them and let them play I bet they’ll be the best friends just like us?” 

“I doubt it” Anya grumbled the sour expression returning to her face. 

“Why not” 

“Because! That’s why” Anya scowled “Besides the way you and Chris are going your going to be pregnant before i’m even married. If your not already!” 

“Oh Anya silly” Maegan scolded “It can’t happen the first time!” 

“Yes it can” Raeanne corrected “Skye is living proof of that” 

“Oh yes I forgot” Meagan replied, putting her hand to her stomach “You don’t think, do you? Not already surely?” 

“Who knows” Raeanne smiled “Probably not.. but I dare say I’d be very surprised if my brother didn’t have you expecting before Christmas” 

Maegan smiled clearly not adversed to the thought “Oh Anya, I do want you to be happy can’t you try and give the Baron a chance? I was nervous of Chris at first but everything turned out wonderfully”

“Well im glad your happy” Anya scowled. 

“Anya do you want to talk about it?” Raeanne offered, understanding the thought of marriage was terrifying enough for most girls and especially so for Anya. 

“Why does everyone always want me to talk about it?” Anya accused “Can’t I just be nervous? I’m going to do it arn’t I? I’m going to marry him. I don’t see me begging and pleading with father to let me get out of it the way you did with Thomas. You act like I have no right, like you some how ‘know’ everything’s going to work out. Tell me what does anyone know about the Baron?! Just because he has money doens’t mean anything, Gabriel has money I wonder how happy Jaedyn is?” she hissed the words escaping in a triade. 

“Anya calm down” Raeanne tried to reason “Let’s talk about it” 

“What is there to talk about” she growled “What do you know that I don’t ?? And for that matter what makes you both such an expert about how happy I should be!?” And with that she burst into tears and ran off out of the door. 

Raeanne sighed, she’d tried talking to Anya on a number of occasions but her younger sister hadn’t been in the mood to talk. She’d got it into her head that no-one cared about her. That she was being hurriedly married off because everyone just wanted her gone. Nothing could be further from the truth. While it was true their father was eager to see a strong marriage with the Dacre family he was more eager to see Anya happily married and that it was her chance to find contentment. 

“Did I come at a bad time?” Christopher asked heading though the open door. 

“No you just missed Anya running off” Raeanne sighed. 

Christopher nodded, “So is now a bad time to mention the Baron’s invited himself to dinner?” 

Sighing again “Again?!” She asked “He’s very…… eager don’t you think? Unusually so?” 

“I’m doing all I can to find out about him” Christopher replied “He say’s he just wants to get to know her” 

“Well i’ll try and talk to her” Raeanne sighed. 

“Oh … .. He’s asked a be allowed to take her for a ride in his coach” 

“You make that sound like a bad thing?” Raeanne queried, noting Christophers reluctance.

“Alone” He clarified “I’ve already spoken to Father I doesn’t see any reason to disallow it. I guess he figures no more harm can be done” 

“Oh Chris she’s not ready to be left alone with him. What if he has idea’s?” 

“He swears he hasn’t” Christopher replied “I’ll leave the final decision to you. You know her better than I do”

3 responses to “Anya isn’t Happy

  1. Anya’s being awfully brave through this, but I’m with Raeanne on not letting her be alone in a coach with Vincent. Do I think there’s a chance Vincent has ideas? Not at all. But I don’t think she should be pressured into taking that step until SHE wants to.

    I mean, look how beautifully Chris and Maegan’s waiting turned out!

    And a quick question — maybe this is just the writing teacher in me coming out, sorry if it is — but when Anya said, “Gabriel has money I wonder how happy Jaedyn is?” … does that mean that they haven’t heard what happened to Jaedyn yet? I know that Chris knows, has he not told them?

  2. I think the anya comment was more of a sarcastic … “gabriel had money, but he killed his wife” type comment. I’m pretty sure Chris will have told them all what happened to Jaedyn.

    Tbh I think if you read abit bettween the lines Anya current upset isn’t just about what happened to her, but also the fact that she’s guilty about jaedyns death, she said what she said out of anger and frustration but ultimatly it got Jaedyn killed. Even though i doubt they knew each other that well I guess it would still affect her, as well of course make her realise what CAN happen in a marriage forcing her to look at it abit differently than she used to.

  3. :( Poor Anya. Being fourteen is hard enough on its own. Being fourteen AND a rape victim AND blaming yourself for the death of your best friend’s aunt AND having recently lost her mother AND having to break up with her first boyfriend because of the rape thing AND being engaged …

    Anya deserves a medal for her coping skills, I swear!

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