Vincent Relax’s

Vincent settled back into the chair it had been a long evening, he’d visited Anya though she’d not been receptive to his presence, he wasn’t worried she was a young girl who’d been though a lot. 

He hadn’t been sitting for long when the door opened and Eva one of his retainer’s walked in. “Where have you been?” she asked climbing onto the couch beside him and wriggling her way under his arm.  Eva was barely 16 her family had died in a fire on Vincents land a few years earlier, with no-where to go Vincent had bought her into the castle where she’d been taken on as a maid, who would soon serve Anya directly. 

“To visit Anya” he replied, shuffling in the seat to allow her to sit close to him. 

“Have you fed?” 

“Not yet” he replied “I will later” 

“You should feed now” she insisted gently, offering him her wrist. 

Placing his hand on her’s he pushed it back down to her lap “Naughty” he scolded “I fed from you, less than a week ago” 

“I don’t mind” she insisted. 

“I do” 

Sighing she seemed to accept it, “So how is Anya? Have you won her over yet?” the young girl asked. 

“Not exactly” Vincent chuckled. “She’s been though a lot, It’s why it’s important you and the other girls make her feel welcome”

 “Why don’t you just use your gifts on her?” 

“I could” he agreed “but if I use my gifts on everyone, I’d never know how anyone truly feels. Sometimes a person wants someone to like them for them. Not simply because they are made too” 

“I suppose” Eva agreed “It would be easier though wouldn’t it? And if she’s scared couldn’t you take that away?” 

“I could, but sometimes taking away the fear isn’t the best way. I could stop you missing your parents but would you want that? I think you’re entitled to miss them? Don’t you think I if simply stopped it I’d be doing you and their memory a disservice?” 

“I don’t know” she replied. “I suppose it reminds me how much I love them” 

“Exactly pet” Vincent nodded, patting her head and kissing her forhead “And Anya will become a much stronger woman by facing her fear and dealing with the memory’s if it becomes too much for her I may take the edge off.. but till then I think she’s best muddling though”

“Don’t let yourself be caught in that position when your married” Faulke smiled as he entered the room. 

Vincent chuckled separating himself from the young maid “Bah my wife will just think me a cad” 

“So how are the wedding plan’s going?” 

“Complicated” Vincent smiled “Though technically she’ll be wed to Allard not myself.. morning services, in churches are no places for vampires” 

Faulke chuckled, “I don’t know how you keep yourself straight” 

“It’s difficult” Vincent admitted. “So what can I do for you?” 

“I’ve just been upto Lar’s cabin” 

“Oh really and how is your sister?” 

“I didn’t see her, Asha is there” 

“Oh” Vincent smiled knowingly “And how is the fair Asha? Did you get around to telling her of your affection’s?” 

“No I didn’t” Faulk admitted looking bashful “She was a little distracted by her father” 

“Arh Tarik did survive? I suspected as much I thought I heard an extra heartbeat in the confusion. So what can I do for you?” 

“Lar’s think’s Tarik’s been involved with Infernalists” Faulke replied “I suggested you could help he wasn’t too keen though” 

“Interesting” he nodded, how is it so many get themselves muddled up in such things he wondered, though he wasn’t overly surprised. 

“Also there have been some men, asked about you at the farm, Ma hasn’t told them anything but I thought you should know” 

“Asking about me? What sort of men?” 

“Rough looking sort’s ma said” Faulke replied “Do you think they could be hunters?” 

“No I don’t think so” Vincent replied “Still I shall keep my eye out. Tell your mother not to expect me for a few weeks while I track down who they are and what they want. I wouldn’t want to draw more attention to your importance in my life than I already have”

“Understood” Faulke nodded.

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