One Sided Experience

Raeanne headed into Anya’s chambers where she found the young girl involved in a heavy game of chess with Maegan.

“Anya, Baron Dacre is downstairs to see you” she smiled, pleased that the baron seemed intent on visiting with her sister frequently.

“Already?” Anya sighed.

“Where you expecting him later?” Raeanne asked.

“No I mean, he came just a few days ago… I don’t know I suppose I wasn’t expecting to see him again till……. oh I don’t know the wedding” she complained.

Raeanne chuckled understanding her young sisters nerves.

“Oh Anya he must really like you” Maegan giggled.

“Shut you you” Anya protested sticking out her tongue.

“Maegan’s right” Raeanne smiled “it’s a good sign.. now go downstairs and make him feel welcome”

“But he isn’t welcome” Anya grumbled, picking herself up out of the chair.

“I understand the nerves, but honestly you’d rather he be too eager, than not eager enough. Now run along and do try to smile”

“Aren’t you coming?” Anya asked looking nervous.

“I’ll follow you down” Raeanne smiled, “I trust you to be alone with him for 5 minutes”

“A lot can happen in five minutes” Anya protested.

“Hush now” Raeanne scolded “Run along” Anya huffed one final huff of protest before disappearing though the door “Smile” she called after.

“Did you want me?” Maegan asked noticing the older girl looking at her as she cleared away the chess pieces.

“How are things with my brother?” Raeanne asked, she didn’t really want to pry but while on the outside the couple seemed still very much united, rumour’s where that Christopher had stopped sneaking into Maegan’s room at night. So she was concerned that the relationship that had taken a sudden great leap forward had just as quickly taken a great leap back.

“Good” Maegan smiled.

“That’s nice” Raeanne replied wondering how to formulate her words.

“What’s the matter?” the young girl queried, sensing more to the conversation.

“I’m not sure im the best person to talk to about these things” she smiled “but I’ve noticed that Chris has stopped coming to your chambers and I was wondering if everything was alright? I thought maybe there was something you wanted to talk about, since your mothers not here I thought i’d lend an ear”

“He’s just giving me space” Maegan replied. “He said he would.. after everything”

“Well im glad of that” Raeanne nodded, sliding herself into the chair opposite “But still I would hate for the pair of you to get stuck”


“Yes, stuck …I guess.. it would be easy for things to stop developing, you know he’s backed off too give you space and he’s probably trying to be patient. Waiting for a sign your ready to continue, but your young I don’t suppose you know much what your ready for.. especially after everything that’s happened/ It’s a confusing time for a young girl even without all you’ve been though and I imagine thoughts of a intimate nature are somewhat conflicted”

Maegan shrugged,

“Oh Im not making myself very clear” Raeanne replied “I truly am the last person to talk about these things. I just mean that you shouldn’t be scared, I know what happened was terrible but it wouldn’t be that way with Chris and that you shouldn’t let yourself back away from it too far lest it seem more scary than it is”

“Where only waiting a little while” Maegan replied “Just till I feel better about it”

“I know” Raeanne replied “but the only person you talk about it is Anya.. in fact the only people either of you talk to is each other. When it comes to matters of the bedroom you have both only seen the bad side. I’m just concerned that you’ll talk each other into a point, where you both are too terrified to even try it. You have a husband who loves you, Anya will soon be wed and I think you both need to try and open your mind to possibility that it can be something nice as well as something terrible”

“How do you know?”

“How do I know it can be nice?” Raeanne asked misunderstanding “Well It’s true I’ve only once… but it was sort of pleasant….”

“No I mean how do you know Chris loves me?” Maegan asked “He never says it”

“Oh of course he does” Raeanne smiled “That boy’s never waited for anything in his life, least of all for that” she chuckled “He wouldn’t be this patient if he didn’t love you. Unfortunately he’s also a silly boy scared of the words lest he actually have to admit the facts to himself. Anyway as I said, Im not really the best person to talk too about it.. but im here if you need me?”

Maegan giggled.

“What’s the matter?”

“Perhaps you’d have more experience, if you let Danson visit more often” the young girl grinned.

“Cheeky” Raeanne scolded.

One response to “One Sided Experience

  1. Aww, these two are awful cute. If Maegan can’t have her mom nearby, I’m glad she has Raeanne, her old nanny. :)

    And poor Anya. I don’t blame her for being nervous of being alone with Vincent (which has nothing to do with him being a vampire.) Like she said, a lot can happen in five minutes. :(

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