Anya Struggles

Anya sat on the floor of the loft in the stables, her legs dangling over the edge where the ladder connected, behind her sat Bailey leaning against a bail of hay. It was late though she couldn’t tell you how late sometime after midnight she supposed. 

After the Chess incident Christopher had forbidden her from spending any more time with him. However with the events of the last week none of that seemed to matter any more. She supposed she could no longer get “more spoiled” so who cared. 

“So how was Lorcan Baeumont?” Bailey asked nervously. 

“All right I suppose” she replied. Before the coronation hiding their continuing friendship and having stolen kissed in dark corners had all seemed very exciting. Now though she felt uncomfortable and there was an awkward tension between them. 

She could tell that Bailey was fishing for answers about her ‘betrothed’ but she wasn’t really up-to filling him in on all.. or any of the events of the past week. 

“Just All right?” 

“Hmm” Anya nodded,”He doesn’t want me.. so it’s been called off” she added, hoping that would satisfy his curiosity and move the conversation onto happier matters. 

Glancing at him over her shoulder she watched him smile. “Does that mean, you can be my sweetheart for a little longer then?” 

Quickly looking away she shrugged, she didn’t really want to tell him about Baron Dacre. Not just yet, not if she could help it anyway. 

“Come here then” he suggested patting the planks beside him. “I missed you” 

“Did you?” she asked. 

“Of course” 

“You shouldn’t” she replied “You shouldn’t miss me.. its not fair” 

“Not fair on who?” Bailey asked. “Anya I know it isn’t forever .. but can’t you at least pretend it is?” 

“No I can’t” she growled “We shouldn’t pretend, I didn’t agree to this… we where friends that’s all. Now you talk about missing me and sweethearts! I didn’t agree to that, I agreed to friends that’s all” 

“Friends?” Bailey queried “I thought we where more than friends? We seemed more when Maegan caught us here in this very stable? We where more than friends on your last night here, when you told me I was the first boy you’d let.. well you know?….. Oh Anya I thought we where quite a bit more than friends?” 

Anya huffed, he didn’t understand everything had changed, what at the time had seemed like innocent fooling around, had suddenly taken a much more serious tone. Baron Dacre would be here in just a few days to talk to her father about her. About Marrying her?! 

“Well your wrong” she snapped. “Just friends, that’s all and if you can’t deal with that then I suppose we won’t even be that” 

“Anya what’s wrong with you?” Bailey begged, “I thought you liked me and If your not marrying Lorcan, then what’s the harm?” 

“Leave me alone” she growled, climbing quickly down the stairs. 

“All right” he called as she ran off “Just friends.. Anya it’s ok.. just friend” 

Storming into the house she practically ran over Christopher in the hall. “Woah slow down” he laughed, before realising she was crying and looking at her concerned. “What’s the matter… where have you been” 

“Out” she scowled “What do you care?” 

“Hey..I do care” he argued, putting a hand on her shoulder only for her to shrug it off again in annoyance. 

“No you don’t”she hissed “All you care about getting into Maegan’s undergarments, you don’t even care how she feels” 

“Hold on?!” Christopher replied “What do you mean I don’t care??” 

“You don’t, if you did you’d stop pushing her!” 

“Pushing her? Did she tell you I was pushing her?” 

“She told me enough!” Anya growled accusingly “You won’t leave her alone.. always trying to get your own way” 

“I have no idea what you mean, I’m not pushing her” 

“What do you call visiting her during a bath? Didn’t you realise it would make her uncomfortable?” 

“I thought it might” he reasoned “but if I don’t try and progress things .. they never will” 

“And what about last night, more progress I suppose? She told me you tried to lift her nightgown” 

“She is my wife” Christopher defended feebly, a guilty look spreading across his face “I thought she might allow it” 

“She said you tried to do it without her noticing” Anya mocked. 

“That’s not strictly true” He reasoned “I knew she’d notice.. I just hoped she’d be distracted enough not to care” 

“Distracted by what?” 

“I’m not explaining what go’s on between a man and his wife behind closed doors” 

“Ha listen to the expert.. “ Anya scoffed. “Two weeks ago you wouldn’t even kiss her and now suddenly you expect too much” 

“Anya Listen too me” Christopher asked placing both hand on her her shoulders so she had to pay attention. “Did Maegan tell you I was pushing her? Did she tell you she didn’t like it?” 

“After all she’s been though, you think she wants you anywhere near her?” She glowered angrily before shaking herself free and storming towards the stair’s to her room.

One response to “Anya Struggles

  1. Oh, Anya! This post brought tears to my eyes. Of course she can’t tell Bailey what’s happened. That sort of thing is hard for any thirteen-year-old to talk about, never mind one in medieval times. :( I just want to give both Bailey and Anya big old hugs.

    And set Anya up with a good therapist … Maegan too …

    *sob* Damn you, Peter, for screwing everything up!

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