Siren Has A Few Trick’s Of Her Own.

Siren smiled, arrogant piece of crap mage. She had him on a back foot from the start, it was typical of his kind to overestimate themselves and there own cleverness. He’d been less prepared than even she expected, the front door and wall’s where well guarded and more importantly well warded that was why she’d needed Peter. 

But once the “owner” of the house had got her in thought the front door, Luscious’s well meaning protections had offered little protection and he’d lacked the time he’d normally expect to prepare for her arrival. 

She’d seen these types of places before, Mages often created ‘orders’ secluded in the mountains to provide training grounds for their art. If you allowed them to increase their number’s they became very difficult to shift. Mages where an unpredictable enemy, with werewolves you could at least attempt to estimate their capabilities.. but mages … ugh she hated mages, their thirst for knowledge and power came no-matter what the cost. 

She and Hector had finally managed to pin him and Tarik down in one of the lower cells one it seemed Luscious had been using as a bed chamber. It had cost her a lot of blood and determination to get them here as Luscious seemed to favour spell’s born of fire, at least he did against Vampires not surprising really considering their vulnerability. 

They had managed to erect a field of force surrounding them, preventing Hector’s approach and he growled frustrated at her side. Hector was a powerful kindred but like Lar’s his specialty was killing, up-close and personal he was little use until he could get near them. 

Another explosion sent both her and Hector flying, their superhuman speed little comfort in such tight quarters with flaming sphere’s that filled the area. Pain tore up and down her body, her gown by now little more than smouldering rag’s she picked herself up. Catching a glimpse in the remnants of a broken mirror she could see the flesh of her face peeled back off the bone revealing the charred skull beneath.  It mattered little for all her usual finery’s, Siren was not afraid of getting her hands dirty. 

She’d be lying to say the constant exposure to fire was not taking it’s toll however, she could feel the need to feed building within her, the blood willing her to kill.. to rend and tear kill without remorse, while Siren for the most part considered her condition a gift she could not doubt the curse that lay upon her. 

Glancing over at Hector she saw him likewise picking himself up off the floor, while she was the older and her blood more potent, in this situation he was fairing far better than she, as his natural Gangrel resilience gave him the advantage against the heat of the flames.

As she stood Tarik looked worried she didn’t need to try and read his thoughts they screamed at her loud and clear. He couldn’t understand how they where taking so much, how after all the vampires they’d killed in their experiments how where they both still standing. 

More than that, he was scared for his family, he knew Vincent was here and didn’t like that fact that he wasn’t in the room, wondering torturously if Vincent was harming his loved ones. 

Luscious however seemed to be enjoying the fight, arrogant mage thought he had it won, but sometimes you needed to fight fire with fire. Oh how she loved mages and their book’s she smiled, scanning the bookshelves which lined the wall behind where they stood defending themselves. The desk filled with papers where Luscious did his research, creating new spells and writing up his experiments. Mages one thing for which they could be trusted, was their reliance on all things made of paper. 

Suddenly to bookshelves caught a blaze, Luscious cursed, while to her left Hector let out a startled growl before glancing at her uneasily clearly not understanding how it had happened.  She made a point of keeping Hector and Vincent in a dark about all her capabilities, for vampires who revealed too much often ended up as lunch. Even then making things burst into flames was not a usual Vampire ability in-fact it was so rare.. There where a bare few Kindred in the world capable. 

Luscious however seemed as shocked as Hector, “How?” was the only word she caught he neglected to focus on keeping his thoughts secret. 

She didn’t need to read his mind now she knew a million thought ran though his head as theory’s populated as to how she’s learned to control the flames. Everything from ‘had she been a mage in life?’ to ‘Was she drinking mages blood?’ 

Siren laughed as she bought the flames higher, watching as the need for knowledge the desire for answer’s seemed to paralyse him. “The Order Of Hermes” she called “that is the answer you are looking for” she smiled not wishing to deny Hector or her self the pleasure of his death. 

As the flames licked around there feet, she knew they have to leave their protective area soon else be burned to death and when they did Hector was chomping at the bit to greet them.

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