Kaitlyn’s Losing Her Grip

Kaitlyn was in the kitchen preparing for dinner with Duncan not to far away reading his book at the dining room table when Lar’s came up behind her. She felt him pause barely inches away and hold for a second, “What do you want?” she asked uncomfortably.   

She heard him let out a short nervous sigh, before his hands came to rest on her waist. “Whats fer dinner? he asked. 

Pushing him away she wriggled from his grasp, she knew the past few nights had been a mistake she knew he wouldn’t take it for simply what it was, he’d taken it as some indication that things where right between them, well they wheren’t and the never would be. “Cottage Pie” she mumbled. 

“Sounds good” he replied, sounding defeated he headed out without another word. 

“You hurt his feelings you know” Duncan pointed out when Lar’s was long gone, looking up from his book. 

“What do you know about it” she snapped. 

“I know he loves you and you aren’t being fair” 

“Fair!” she shrieked, storming to the table where he sat “what would you know about fair?” 

“I know it’s unfair to go to a man’s chambers night after night” He replied “Only to creep out again before it’s even dawn” 

Kaitlyn felt the colour drain from her face and watched as her son stood up next to her “what do you know of that?” she demanded. 

“I know you have been going to him” Duncan replied, “It’s alright, he is your husband, but you don’t need to pretend to hate him when we are around. It’s hurts him when you push him away.. he doesn’t say anything but we all see it” 

“All?!” she demanded, feeling her cheeks burning red, embarresed her son knew she had been spending her nights with Lar’s but slightly relieved he’d mistaken the reason’s why. 

“Myself and Alice” he clarified “You know, you’re allowed to be happy” 

“Happy” she scoffed “What exactly should I be happy about?” 

“You have a husband that clearly loves you” Duncan reasoned. “What do you have to be miserable about?” 

“Where you not listening the other night?” she snapped “where you sleeping though the part where Lar’s described the moment he killed your father” 

“No” Duncan replied looking sheepish “But .. I didn’t think it sounded like he had much choice. Father was already ….dead.. besides he was trying to protect you, can’t you at least credit him with that?” 

“I don’t need to be having this conversation with my son” she growled “You tell me if you could love someone… someone who isn’t even human” 

“I think your being unfair, and by tarring him you also tar Liv, Eire and Alice are they any less human than us??  They seem nice people just because they are alittle different doesn’t mean you should hate them. Besides If you don’t love him then why I’ve you been going to his room at night?” 

“You couldn’t possibly understand!” she snapped. “Besides how do you know what I’ve been going to his room for? isn’t it possible we simply have things to discuss? 

Now it was Duncan’s turn to flush “Mothers.. Lar’s is a large man and the pair of you aren’t exactly quiet” Kaitlyn felt horrified. “ if you don’t love him, why do you go?” 

“Duncan there is more to .. that than love, perhaps you’ll understand when your older” 

“Duty then?” he queried “From what I gather you haven’t been visiting him for some time, the other night at the camp… did someone tell you, you should?” 


“If you don’t love him, and you aren’t simply performing your wifely duty.  Then why?” 

“None of your business” she retorted. 

“Are just whoring yourself? Is it just about your own pleasure? To hell with how it makes him feel? 

Suddenly her hand came up slapping him across the face “how dare you” she hissed 

“Well stop it” Duncan demanded, if the slap had hurt he didn’t show it, “You are being cruel, he just wants to be allowed to love you. I don’t even think he need’s you to love him back. Just stop confusing him” 

Kaitlyn paused, the anger raging for a moment but quickly subsiding in a flood of tears. Unwilling to allow her son see her cry, she fled to her bedroom where she perched on the end of her bed in attempt to calm herself. 

She was losing them all. 

Maegan married, Alistair had been sent to the mainland with the help of Vince Bendett to continue his training and the girls had always favoured their father and now even Duncan was slipping from her grasp.

2 responses to “Kaitlyn’s Losing Her Grip

  1. Aww, Kaitlyn. *big hugs in Kaitlyn’s direction* She’s really not done healing yet, is she? From both Alistair’s death and everything else. Duncan doesn’t even know about the “everything else,” though if he did, he might understand a little better why Kaitlyn is so conflicted about sex with Lars.

    And I’m kinda with Kaitlyn in smacking that boy. “Are just whoring yourself?” my behind. She’s a woman, she has needs, it balances the humors! Would Lars really prefer it if she scratched that itch with someone else?

  2. I think Kaitlyn is generally quite conflicted about her feeling towards Lar’s never mind just the sex.

    Her relationship with him has been somewhat of a rollercoaster as first he was a shoulder for her to cry on, someone to support her but just as she really came to trust him the incident on thier wedding night happened, then just as they “sort of got over that” or at least as much as you can when you sweep it under the carpet rather than deal with it, Alistair happened.

    I think Lar’s can be quite up and down with her as well, it must be like being litterally married to jekyll and hyde theres this mild mannered woodsman who appears to care for her on one side, but on the other their’s this beastial creature which pushes her aside in favor of his kind and his beliefs and quite frankly scares her, on the other.

    I dare say she never quite know’s where she is with him.. he loves her but not always enough to let her in. they are from two different worlds and have totally different outlooks and beliefs and while they are both fundimentally “good people” they haven’t quite got to grips with respecting each others differences.

    As for Duncan well he’s a 13 year old boy with a “squires” education on the subjects of Love and Sex, who right now is pretty sure he has it all figured out. Sure he’s developed a crush on Alice but it’s not quite the same thing.

    He never had a Father to explain the in’s and outs of the emotional side and i dare say Kaitlyn never had the talk she had with Maegan.

    Sex = baby’s, Sex = Pleasure for the man, dutie for the woman and the only women who “enjoy it” are whores.

    God Help his future wife haha.

    Besides no doubt, Lar’s seem’s like the coolest ‘stepdad’ EVER!!!! Right now… his mum’s just being mean for not seeing it.

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