The Vampires Arrive

 Getting though the gates of the castle was easier than either Vincent or Siren had hoped, Peter’s friends where given no more a second thought then the coffin still strapped to the roof of the coach. 

Leading them in side Peter opened the door to his family’s wing of the castle. Understanding Siren paused. “Vincent where are they?” she asked. 

Vincent tilted his head slightly “Asha’s in the north wing with the other children, Brianna’s here upstairs and Tarik.. hmm.. I can not sense Tarik or Lusicous” 

“Magic” Siren sneered “Peter do you know the way to the dungeon’s Alice spoke of?” 

Peter nodded, “It’s not far down the central corridor that way” he pointed, “Turn left and you’ll see a door beneath the stairs” 

“Do you have access?” 

“No” Peter replied “I’ve never been allowed” 

“Then there is no point you coming with us” Siren decided, “Vincent you go deal with Asha, Peter your job is to kill your wife. Me and Hector will deal with Tarik and Lusicous. Meet me back at the coach when you are finished, if things get out of hand retreat to the mountains, meet at the bridge just before dawn. Understood?” 

“My wife?” Peter queried “You really need me to kill her” 

“Yes” she replied, sternly “Consider it a test of your new loyalty, you don’t have a problem do you?” 

“No of course not” he replied. 

“Well go on then” she demanded, nodding Peter hurried off up the stairs. 

“You really intend for him to kill his wife?” Vincent asked when he was gone “I didn’t even think we where sure she was a threat” 

“We aren’t” Siren smiled “But I do need to be sure, if Tarik’s been training her we need to know.. an em-path isn’t much of a threat, a fully fledged mage is another matter” 

“Agreed” Vincent nodded “but what if he kill’s her” 

“I figure he’ll toy with her a while, I’ve seen his sort before besides you’re going to watch and make sure he doesn’t, if she shows any sign’s of further training then I suggest you let him kill her, if not let her live and I’ll leave it up to you what you do with Peter” 

“I thought I was dealing with Asha?” 

“You don’t truly expect me to believe your willing to kill her after saving her from the fire?” 

“You knew” Vincent nodded, of course she knew. Siren knew everything. 

“I’m willing to leave her for now” Siren replied “As long as you understand that if she get’s in the way of my plan’s for Tarik, i’ll be forced to kill her?” Vincent nodded. “And I assume you agree he at least needs to die?”

“Yes of course, he’s allowed our kind to be experimented on, he’s shown he’s been lost to the magic” 

“Indeed and that’s why we are here, we’ve lost two of our own to them in the past few months. Anyway you better hurry and go and save Brianna from Peter” Siren urged, nodding in agreement Vincent faded from view.

2 responses to “The Vampires Arrive

  1. Just wanted to let ya know that I am still reading, still loving your story, and still on the edge of my seat.

  2. Oh, this does not sound good … for anybody, not good at all. *bites nails*

    Although I will say, if Siren is right and Peter would toy with his own wife before killing her — he’s even more of a bastard than I thought he was.

    *crosses fingers for Asha, Tarik, Brianna and any of the kids who might be magical*

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