Kaitlyn Makes An Unexpected Offer.

With the other positions divided out amongst the kin, Lar’s was pleased with the outcome. He’d managed to claim Alpha, no-one had disputed Heathers claim over Den Mother even Bronwyn had taken the position of Truth Catcher meaning she would take control of grievances within the sept and grant or remove renown for actions made. 

With the decision’s made the moot was called to an end and the pack’s separated, with most of the Garou disappearing off into the mountains to there new found homes. 

Placing a sleeping Eire into her bed he tucked her in, “It was a long night for her” Kaitlyn smiled from the doorway. 

“long nite fer us all” Lar’s agreed pulling back the covers and helping Liv in to the next bed “It’s almost dawn” 

“Yeah” Kaitlyn smiled looking to the window at the familiar glow, before heading out of the door. 

Lar’s finished tucking the girls in and closing the curtains before heading up the stairs to his room. Surprised he found Kaitlyn sitting on the bed unstrapping her gown. She hadn’t slept with him in their own home since the night with the dagger. 


She didn’t answer slipping the gown that was still coated in his blood, to the floor before heading to the wash basin to wash. 

“Kait, what’s going on?” he asked nervously not understanding, watching as she splashed her face with water. 

“I’m going to be washing blood out of my hair for weeks” she complained. 

“I’m sorry” he apologised “Why are you here?” 

looking up at him, she grabbed a towel and rubbed it though the damn ends for her hair. “I’m your wife aren’t I?” she reasoned. 

“Aye Lass, always.. but you don’t normally spend much time in this room” 

“It’s still my bedroom isn’t it?” 

“Aye.. but I thought you liked to sleep downstairs” 

“Perhaps tonight I’d like to sleep here” 

“Arite, if that’s what you want” he agreed pulling off his shirt and pants climbing into bed. Smiling as he watched her head to the bed he tried to keep his hopes down, but couldn’t help but feel a wash of relief as she climbed in beside him and rested her head on his chest and hand on his stomach. 

“Lar’s I don’t want you to get the wrong Idea” she began “this isn’t how it might seem” 

“So what is it?” he dared ask. 

“Men aren’t the only ones with needs” she replied, seeming irritated that he was pushing for answers. 

“Oh” Lars nodded understanding, “Planning to use me fer your own pleasure” he chuckled. 

Huffing she pulled her hand away and sat up beginning to climb from the bed “Forget it” she snapped. 

Catching her arm he pulled her back “Kait wait” 

“I just thought.. maybe you’d want to” she growled. “If you don’t that’s perfectly acceptable” 

“Kait, never said I didn’t want to.. just wonderin why?” 

“I shouldn’t need to explain myself” 

“Aye I know, I’m sorry .. just it’s bin a bare handful of times since the girls..” 

“Since Alistair” she clarified. 

“Aye an that” 

“Well do you want to or not?” she growled.”It shouldn’t be a hardship” 

“Aye lass of course” 

“Well stop asking stupid questions and get on with it” she reasoned, pulling her undergarments over her head. With no other choice Lar’s had to oblige.

One response to “Kaitlyn Makes An Unexpected Offer.

  1. Is she just doing this to help him out? (Since the whole pack was in an uproar that Kaitlyn and Lars’s sex life wasn’t what they thought it would be … give their history, I’d say that their sex life was the least of their problems as a couple, but that’s just me.) Or does she, well, have needs too? Or is it just that she realized how close she came to losing Lars and this made her appreciate him?

    Somehow I doubt it’s the latter, given her instant mention of Alistair … but a very interesting turn this has taken. Can’t wait to find out what’s next.

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