Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Fight after fight Lar’s took them down, tiring too but more than that his irritation grew, honourable combat that was the etho’s of the garou way and yet here his peer’s where trying to take him down, weaken him with garou with had intention of leading while those that might waited in line. Honourable combat my ass he muttered to himself how honourable is it for those with the capability to take him down to sit on the sidelines till he stood no chance of defending himself. All because he let one vampire into the caern, it occurred to him then Vincent had more honour than most of these so called kin. 

Spurred on to fight and win, to show his people true leadership true honour something these folk seemed to lack. He’d known of course when the call went out for help it was unlikely he’d get the cream of garou society.  The garou who came here left there homeland for a reason after all. Most he suspect fell from grace and where cast out of their pack, or sept for crimes committed or rifts in politics’. He would give them chance to re-deem themselves, but to do that he needed to win. 

As another youngling fell to his claw he was tiring of this petty game, his joints ached and his body sported a dozen serious wounds, peering around the gathering there where just two garou who posed a challenge the leaders of the other two packs. One a middle aged woman, with dark hair with a striking family resemblance to the fury he’s fought first, a sister perhaps.. no more likely her mother he decided. The second was a hulking man, easily as large as Lar’s himself with flame red hair tied into plats and tattooing which revealed him as one of the highlanders of the north and most likely of the Fianna tribe. 

Mustering his rage he decided the games where over no more would he fight these children, if someone wanted to oppose him let man or woman worthy of a fight come forth, letting out a roar he laid down the challenge, the young wolf who had been standing waiting to be next suddenly found himself shifted back into his wolf state his will to fight gone he backed quickly out of the circle. Stalking around the fire, his eye’s meeting each and ever member he left no doubt to most of his superiority the members began to bow in respect. 

Finishing his display he came face to face with the fury, as the took her place in the ring her muscles cracking as they shifted into place as she transformed into battle form, her fur pitch black it showed no signed of aging. 

“Now” Lar’s though “Now the real fun begins” 

She was fast like her daughter the first of her swings missed, but what Lar’s did not miss was the venom that dripped from those claws. “Blast it” he cursed, each tribe had it’s own gifts, and as garou nobility his primarily dealt with leadership it was how he was able to cow the crowd, by showing his dominance.. Furys .. they where a different beast all together. The saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” pretty much summed up a fury’s outlook on life, seeing themselves as the defender’s of women and punishers of men no garou alive, could cause pain like a fury. 

Dodging another blow he ran right into the second, the dripping claws digging deeply into his flesh he roared out in pain and staggered backwards looking down at the wound in his arm. Logic told him it was merely a flesh wound, but the pain causing though his body told him otherwise as the burning acid seemed to attack every nerve ending his possessed, falling to his knee’s he could see he studying him. He needed to get up he needed to stand.. he couldn’t allow her the time she needed to find his weakness. Blasted Fury’s they had a knack for examining a foe for a second or two and learning where to best place there next attack to cause the most fatal of wounds. 

Fighting against the pain that held him he struggled back to his feet and launched towards her the suddenness of the attack coupled with her overconfidence in his incapacity allowed him to land a solid blow without giving her chance to dodge, it was her turn now to yell out in pain, as her arm was torn along the shoulder joint with a spray of blood. 

Her body healed it quickly she wasn’t out yet, and as her eye’s flashed red he knew she was ready to finish it. 

Suddenly pain wracked though his body, but she hadn’t even touched him, she didn’t need to fury’s could cause pain with a mear glance a simple look could have even the strongest man begging for mercy. Roaring in pain he couldn’t help but grasp his own head in agony. 

Then it came, unnaturally quick she moved in, her powerful jaws hitting his jugular tearing flesh from bone, a spray of blood so extensive it coated half the crowd and for a second time Kaitlyn found herself coated in her husbands blood. 

She screamed, and Alice tore from the crowd as Lar’s massive form hit the floor with a crash, motionless while the Fury howled in victory.

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