Lar’s Shows He Is More Than Fang and Claw

A short break in proceedings allowed the gathered to huddle together in respective packs to make decisions on who they where putting forward for which positions and who they would oppose. Grimstead now had three main packs and a few straggling Garou that belonged to none.

Lar’s wandered past the fire towards where Kaitlyn was in conversation with Heather and Daniel, no doubt Heather would not be explaining to Duncan his role in the new scheme of things.  She would no doubt seek to retain the position as Den mother and while un-gifted Duncan was now a considered a cub of the Sept and she would watch over him and prepare him as best as she could for his role in society.

Seeing Lar’s approaching she paused her conversation, and turned her attention to him, “It makes sense if I join your pack” she decided.

Lar’s chuckled to himself, since he’d been in Grimstead she’d always maintained her independence but with so many Garou it seemed even see didn’t fancy her chances of surviving alone “It would be an honour” he agreed “As long as yer understand I’m leading it?”

“For now” she smiled.

Despite her attempt at humour, he knew Heather was long past rivalling him for Pack Alpha, she hadn’t always agreed with his decisions but even when he bought Vincent into the Caern she’d not opposed him.

“Do you have room for three more?” Bronwyn asked, having clearly heard the conversation.

Lar’s smiled broadly, he arms outstretched “Aye lass anything fer you” Bronwyn embraced him and Aodh settled down with the girls.

“They are gathering up against you, you know that don’t you Lars?”

“Who them?” he asked nodding towards the gathering.

“They aren’t going to let you take leader easily”

“Don’t expect them too” he agreed, “lots of them unhappy I’m bettin”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much opposition for leadership” Bronwyn added “Lar’s why don’t you re-think it, let one of the younger warrior’s take it”

“Yer calling me old?” he asked “Asides who knows this land better than me or Heather.. and none know Siren the way I do”

“I don’t disagree” Bronwyn replied. “But I don’t want to see you hurt or killed and they are really going to go for you”

“I can handle it” Lar’s replied firmly.

“Hang on, I don’t understand” Kaitlyn argued “I thought it was just a fight for leadership some sort of spar surely?”

“Leadership fights was usually a little more bloody than simple spar’s, granted it’s generally about putting your foe down so he can no-longer fight more than aiming to kill. However mostly we rely on our natural ability to heal to save us from death, but occasionally Garou are killed. I fear those that oppose Lar’s will on this occasion look to kill or at least maim out of anger for all he’s done”

“Ridiculous” Kaitlyn protested “You reprimand him for not breeding because you need the numbers yet you willingly put yourselves into potentially lethal fights”

“It’s our way” Lar’s interrupted “I’m not worried, I can’t see a wolf here capable of takin me down”

“Im not worried about, one wolf taking you down” Bronwyn argued “I’m more concerned about how you’ll fair after ten men try.. you’ll tire”

“Bah” Lar’s growled “women always worrin over nothing” unstrapping his sword he passed it to Duncan “Take care of that fer me lad, an don’t loose it.. worth more than ye are” he grinned.

“Wont you need it?” Duncan stammered turning the blade over in his hand, clearly having never seen a weapon like it, it’s intricate carvings up and down the blade glistening in the moonlight.

“Nar it ain’t sportin, to use a klave against one’s own” he smile heading into the centre of the ring, the other men seeming to take the hint that the time to talk was over a circled formed. “Rite” he announced “Im taking it some of ye are disagreeable ter havin me lead ya, so let’s be gettin on with it” wasting not time Lar’s shifted into his huge battle form, his coat light grey, lightening on the muzzle and flanks with a silver streaks.

With that a powerfully built woman stood, raven hair hung down her back and the heavily tanned skin of the southern people. Shifting into battle form she was significantly smaller than Lar’s but her pitch black fur gleamed almost luminescent in the fire light.

“A woman?” Duncan asked. “Surely not?”

“Don’t underestimate her” Alice whispered in obvious awe “She’s a Black Fury”

“Whats that?” Duncan asked fascinated watching his first werewolf transformations on what was proving to be an overwhelming evening.

“There are different tribes” she explained “You can tell the difference by the colour of their fur and size.. Lar’s is a Silverfang, she’s a black fury”

“And what about you?”

“The same as my Da of course” Alice grinned. “But it’s not official yet, gotta pass a test first”

“Oh” Duncan nodded “So can women lead then?”

“Aye” she nodded, watching as the fight began “Women are ranked no different to men.. the strongest leads regardless of gender”

“but she’s tiny in comparison” Duncan scoffed “Women are never going to be as strong as men”

Alice glared, in obvious disagreement “Their different in size isn’t due to their sex, her tribe is always smaller than Fangs.. but watch she’ll be faster I bet, besides Furies only accept woman Garou”

“Then what happens to male’s?”

“Drowned at birth” Alice giggled “Nar not really, they hand all their male children to the sept to raise.. then ones with the gift get accepted by other tribes.. they don’t tend to mate for life, just long enough to fall pregnant”

Duncan scrunched up his nose in disgust we wasn’t sure he approved of that, his initial reaction was that the poor women didn’t realise they where being taken for granted being used as prostitutes without even realising it, however the way the young female wolf now tore into Lar’s gave him pause to re-evaluate.

Almost as soon as the fight began the young woman had Lar’s on a back foot, fighting her reminded him of the infuriating battles he’d had with Siren, unnaturally quick she didn’t hit hard but she did hit often and his body was having to heal many razor sharp wounds.

He knew he’d only have to hit her once to down her she was young and inexperienced, but like all of her tribe a potent fighter none the less. She hadn’t been sent to win, she’d been sent purely to weaken him, in the hope he’d tire himself trying to catch her.

He let the womans blows land, like the stinging of paper cuts painful and viscous but ultimately not fatal and he would not be goaded into spending his energy on this one. The question was how to beat her.. a small smile appeared. 

Aroun a fighter that’s what they expected of him, but Silver Fangs most noble of all tribes where so much more. 

He would show her the command he his tribe demanded. 

Seeking out her rage he would quench it. Rage was gifted to all Garou by gia herself, without they could not exist. It was the unpredictable force that made teen wolfs so dangerous at the time of their first change, literally speaking it was the bestial fury that burned within all Garou, it powered their gifts, allowed them to shift and time gone by it had turned them into the monsters humans feared. 

Focusing his mind he watched as her viscous blows falter and slow as he literally quenched the fire within her, drained from her the will and ability to fight. 

Then when she’d finally slowed enough Lar’s finally swung out, one blow as promised cleaving a gaping gash across her chest, faltering she fell to the ground a great wound opening up for all to see. 

He could hold her rage now, prevent her healing keep it trapped within her. While her lifeblood leaked into the sacred soil, but that would do no good he didn’t need to watch her die.

His point made.  He released her rage and watched the wounds begin to heal. 

Roaring in triumph he circled the fire .. if he’d been a man her would have rolled up is sleeves and shouted “bring it on”

One response to “Lar’s Shows He Is More Than Fang and Claw

  1. Ok, Lars is not my favoritest character in Grimstead (I think that might be Kaitlyn, or Orrick for the favorite guy), but in this he. Was. Awesome.

    Can’t wait to see who wins the fight — but now my money’s on Lars!

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