Gabriel is Used.

The carriage stopped, it had travelled from early morning across Grimstead, picking up Gabriel along the way and it made the winding journey though the mountains along the tracks towards Darkfire Castle. 

Coming to a halt as the sun set, Gabriel peered out of the window. “Thank you for doing this” he nodded, “I’m not sure why you are helping me take my brothers body back home back thank you” 

“Your welcome” Allard posing as Baron Dacre nodded opening the door and stepping out into the darkness. “Please stay here” he asked, “just while we sort out the horses” 

Gabriel nodded and stayed put as Allard rounded the back of the carriage a knock from the roof made him chuckle. Peter had not been amused to learn he would be spending the journey a coffin strapped to the roof. Still Vincent had seemed to find it amusing but it seemed the young kindred was eager to get out as soon as possible. 

The carriage it’s self had been custom built for the purpose of carrying sleeping vampires during the day, unusually high set it boasted a compartment beneath the main housing just large enough to fit three sleeping vampires. Opening it up he helped Siren out first. 

“Hector you could have bathed before we left” she complained, brushing down her gown. It was a simpler dress than her usual flare there was no mistaking the reason for the journey, Siren planned to fight. Hector however did not need to dress suitably, he was always suitable for killing and remained as always, unkempt and unwashed. 

Hector didn’t respond simply heaving himself out and standing besides her followed by Vincent, who it seemed had gotten a little crushed beside the beast. “I’ll see to Gabriel” he nodded, circling around and entering the carriage muffled words could be heard and a moment or two later he re-emerged a sleeping Gabriel in his arms. 

Throwing Gabriel to Allard he nodded up the path “there is a cave up there, tie him up and we’ll deal with him on our return we’ll be back in a few days” 

“And if your not” Allard asked. 

“If we don’t return in a week assume we are dead, Kill him and return to the castle” Vincent replied “But lets hope we do return” 

Allard nodded and disappeared off with Gabriel in his arms, quickly followed by the Ghoul that had been posing as Siren. 

“Shall we go?” Vincent suggested climbing into the coach only to be alerted to further banging from the roof. 

“Peter seems to want to get out” Siren smiled. 

“Bah leave him there” Vincent growled “I have no wish to deal with his whining” 

“You really don’t like him do you” 

“I really don’t” Vincent agreed.

2 responses to “Gabriel is Used.

  1. So, if this doesn’t work … they will be 2 Hamduns (Hamdun LORDS) down. I have a feeling Sophie would have pitched a fit about them going, so I have a feeling they will be coming back. (Though hopefully Brianna, Asha, Tarik and all other mages who are not Luscious will be alive!! *crosses fingers*)

    You know … I wonder what might happen if they find out that one of Peter’s kids is Gifted (and therefore toast, at least to Siren and Vincent). They do get it from both sides (the Aldun/Avril Hamdun side and of course Brianna). What would Peter do then?

    *chews nails*

  2. Oh dear you really put too much value on sophies opinion of her brothers.

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