Christopher Takes a Step Too Many

Maegan lay soaking in the bathtub while Anya ready to help, sat on the other side of the wooden screen ready to aid her out and help her dry. 

“Christopher told me about Baron Dacre” Maegan giggled “Fancy that, Arn’t you excited?” 

“Not really” Anya replied “I’ve resigned myself to not getting my hopes up on these things, Father probably just talked him into it” 

“That not what I heard, Chris said he asked specifically right after the duel” 

Anya shuffled uncomfortably the whole thing made her feel nervous “Well that can’t be right, either that or he’s not right” she reasoned “after everything thats happened, I can’t see how unless there’s something wrong with him”

“What could possibly be wrong?” Maegan reasoned “Chris says they are rich, like super rich.. like richer than the king and did you see lady Sara’s gowns.. gorgeous” 

“Rich doens’t make a good husband” Anya reasoned, unable to shake a ikky feeling. “I mean there must be something wrong with him, I mean Megs you should have seen him in my chambers pawing at my gown.. like a dog with a scent, besides why me?” 

“Because your wonderful” Maegan called back “It’s about time someone saw it, you deserve this don’t beat yourself up.. just accept it” 

“I can’t” she decided “I mean, have you seen him? I mean he’s kinda creepy looking don’t you think?” 

“Anya your being absurd, what’s creepy?” 

“He just looks gaunt don’t you think, and he’s so tall.. skinny.. I bet his all bones beneath those clothes” 

Maegan giggled “So what?” 

“What if he’s sick… he looks sick don’t you think?? maybe he has some wasting disease.. What if he passes it to me?” 

“He isn’t sick” Maegan laughed, “He’s just tall and slim that’s all, he reminds me of a cat, did you see him dancing he’s very light on his feet?”

“Built like a cat” Anya scoffed, “Whats Christopher then”

“Oh i don’t know.. a wolf maybe.. no like the dopey labrador my mother used to have” she giggled, “At least he’s not built like a bear, could you imagine having to share a bed with Lar’s i don’t know how my mother manages”

“I still think he looks sick” Anya complained.

“Oh nonsense” Maegan scolded, “His dark hair makes him look pale thats all, I think Tarik looks sicker.  Anya you’ve been waiting for a nobleman to want you and now ones interested and asked to meet with you your getting cold feet” 

“Exactly, why now… why me? I mean he must know? I meant I know.. he knows. Everyone knows … rich man like that, there has to be something wrong with him” 

“You said he sat and listened to you play the piano for an hour the other day. Perhaps you impressed him, after all isn’t that why your father had you take lessons in the first place?” Maegan sighed Exasperated “Perhaps they worked, Perhaps you simply impressed him, Perhaps he thinks your baeutiful.. Anya your being so silly.. he must like something, is it so hard to belive?? I thought you wanted to get married?” 

Anya sighed, there was a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. A first after Peter she had been so scared people would find out, that Lorcan wouldn’t want her that no-one would want her she hadn’t thought about much else. Now though, now someone wanted her she was terrified, If Lorcan hadn’t found out she would have had years to come to terms with what happened but now vision’s of Peter groping all over her the thought of anyone doing the same made her cringe and if her father allowed Lord Dacre marry her then.. shudder it could just be weeks or at the most months. 

“Doesn’t it scare you the thought of Chris touching you” she asked nervously “After Peter I mean, doesn’t it make you sick?” 

There was a long pause “I can’t say it does” Maegan replied finally “I mean they are so different.. it would be so different, don’t you think??” 

“I don’t know” Anya replied “what if it wasn’t? Lord Dacre seems to be fascinated by what happened, maybe he likes it.. maybe that’s why he wants me” 

“Oh Anya im sure that’s not the case, maybe I could get Chris to talk to him? Ask him to be gentle” 

“No!” she shrieked “I can’t have him do that” 

“Al-right, but still I wouldn’t’ worry… it’s a long way off yet, Baron Dacre is only coming to tea next week it’s not like tonight’s your wedding night, I’m sure you’ll have some time to get to know him in the meantime, you might find you quite like him” 

“What about you and chris?” Anya asked changing the subject, unable to stand the conversation. “I’ve noticed him creeping into your chambers every night since we got back” 

“He does not creep” Maegan replied with a laugh “A man doesn’t need to creep into his wife’s chamber’s” 

“So does that mean you’ve consummated?” she asked intrigued and unable to comprehend how Maegan could stand to have her husband near her after all that had gone on. It was almost like it didn’t bother her, as if what had happened with Peter was no more important than which shoes she’d chosen to wear. 

“Not yet” Maegan replied “But soon, I think.. I .. can’t explain it.. it’s like..” 

Anya’s eye’s widened as she noted Christopher creeping into the room, ducking down behind the screen, she waved at him angrily to leave but her older brother simply stifled a smiled and indicated for her to continue. 

“Well this is a silly conversation” Anya replied, not willing to play his games. Only to have Christopher shake his head. Obviously wanting her to expand on the topic. Huffing disapprovingly thinking that it was unfair that Christopher would bait her friend in such a way,“Why do you think soon” she asked resigned realising he wasn’t going away. 

“I thought you said it was a silly conversation” 

“I changed my mind” she sighed. 

“I can just tell he wants it” Maegan giggled, “It’s like when we are kissing sometimes he has to shuffle out of the way.. you know” 

“How can he kiss you and shuffle out of the way?” Anya mused. 

“Not the whole of him” she giggled, “just the parts he’s trying to hide.. you know his man parts” 

“Eww” Anya exclaimed realising what her friend was talking about, shooting Christopher another glance while he just, raised an eyebrow in admission and urged her to continue. 

“Its not eww.. it means he likes me doesn’t it? do you ever notice something down there when you where kissing boys?” 

“Erm.. “ Anya flushed red, glaring angrily at her brother “I guess I did” 

“Well it means they are aroused doesn’t it? and that means they like you.. that they want to do ‘that’?” 

“Oh Megs… I can’t have this conversation” she growled, slapping Chris with the towel she stormed from the room. 

Chris didn’t leave however, standing he peer cautiously over the screen, looking down into the bath where Maegan lay. The bubbles not quite covering all they needed to to keep her decent, he’d yet to see her naked, he’d seen glimpse of things here and there, at night in her chambers while they kissed sometimes the neck of her nightgown allowed a quick flash but nothing as clear as the view he had now. 

“Anya!” Maegan called “Where did you go?? I need help with my hair??” 

Taking a deep breath, Chris edged around the screen and into view. 

“Chris!” Maegan squealed desperately trying to cover herself but realising she didn’t quite have enough hands. “You shouldn’t be here” 

“I thought a man did not need to creep into his wife’s chambers” he smiled. 

“This isn’t my chambers” she protested, before realising that if he’d heard that he must have heard far more and turning as crimson as he’d ever seen her. 

Taking a seat on the floor beside the tub Christopher smiled “Am I making you uncomfortable?” he asked. 

“A little” she admitted. 

“You look beautiful naked” he grinned “You should wear this outfit for me more often” Clearly unsure what to say, flushed red with embarrassment she practically had to pry her own hands from her breast, forcing them uncomfortably to rest on her stomach. 

“So why are you here?” she asked clearly trying to hide her absolute terror. 

“I came to see if I could catch you naked” he mused “and as luck would have it, it worked” 

“Congratulations” she mumbled. 

Setting his elbow on the side of the bath, he allowed his arm to drape into the water his hand settling on her thigh, she flinched slightly but seemed to accept it. He loved the feel of wet skin beneath his fingers. “Would you rather I didn’t hide when I was aroused?” he asked, “I move because I don’t want to make you feel pressured into taking things further” 

“I .. Don’t know” she mumbled, “I guess, I want to know” 

Christopher nodded “Then I guess I should tell you that i’m aroused right now” he grinned. “I’m not embarrassed about it” 


‘Oh’ that wasn’t really the answer he was looking for “What about you Megs, are you aroused?” 

“I’m too embarrassed” she admitted nervously“You have me at a disadvantage” 

“You mean your nakedness?” he chuckled. 

“Yes” she agreed ”It’s hard to be aroused when all the want is someone to look the other way” 

He smiled, tilting his head to the ceiling, “better? So what about when we kiss, do you get aroused then?” 

“I don’t know” she squirmed, morbidly embarrassed. 

“Can I come to your chambers tonight?” he asked. 

“Yes” she replied. 

“Will you wear this outfit for me?” 

“This one?” she stuttered. “You mean.. you want me naked?” 

“Yes” he replied “I’ll dress to match, perhaps then you’ll feel less embarrassed?” 

“Perhaps” she admitted. 

“So will you?” he asked, taking a risk and allowing his hand to run down her leg towards the sensitive area between her legs. 

His eye’s darted towards her as he felt her legs clamp shut, preventing further travel. “No I don’t think so” she replied, nervously “I’m sorry.. I just..” 

Seeing how she looked horrified down at his hand, he leaned forward and kissed her in an attempt to distract her. Stiff she didn’t didn’t relax and even gentle persuasion could not part her legs again, she clearly did not what him there. 

“I’m sorry” he apologised withdrawing both lips and hand, he realised he’d pushed her too far “Should I’ll leave you to your bath?” 

“Yes please” she agreed nervously. 

Standing he nodded “Can I come to your chamber’s tonight” he asked concerned. He didn’t like the way she looked at him now, silently he cursed himself he should have known better, she looked scared, horrified the last time he’d seen her that way was their wedding night. “I promise to wear clothing” he added. 

She seemed to take an age to answer “If you want” she replied finally, her eye’s fearful. 

“I look forward to it” he smiled, before heading to the door. Pausing at the entrance he peered over the screen towards her “Maegan, don’t be scared, I’m not going to push you into anything”

One response to “Christopher Takes a Step Too Many

  1. Oh, Chris, you doofus. You loveable, adorable, good-hearted doofus. Now, unfortunately, is not the time to be pushing things with Megs. :( The saddest thing of course, is that I don’t think either of them realized that until right that moment.

    And poor Anya … that’s another reason why I was supporting the Vincent/Anya match, I figure he’s probably one of the few nobleman in the kingdom sensitive enough not to traumatize her all over again. So they might be married, but I thought he would leave her alone until she felt ready to make some kind of move.

    Damn you, Peter. Damn you for screwing up these girls’ lives for your sick power games.

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