Vincent Is Responsible

She struggled against the tall man, his teeth firmly sunk into her neck. For the first time she knew true fear but it didn’t last long the light faded and he threw her lifeless corpse to the floor. 

Shaking with rage as the blood coursed though his veins he turned his attention to Sophie“You know about that too.. didn’t you?” he snarled. 

“Yes” she admitted “Now can you save my brother?” 

Vincent nodded, his whole body shaking, the blood intoxicating like a drunk after that first sip willing him to have more. Taking a step over the corpse a whimper caught his attention. Looking to his left Brenna Vaux stood frozen with fear too scared to even cry. 

Looking down at Arabella’s body, he understood the fear too well. “I don’t suppose it helps to know she was a very bad woman?” Vincent growled too angry too soften his tone, she didn’t answer just whimpered to be honest he hadn’t expected much else. Walking towards her he grabbed the scruff of her dress and flung her into the wardrobe ”You’ll be safe in there as long as you stay put and keep quiet” he warned slamming the door. 

“So” he turned accusingly towards Sophie “how much did you know? Just that I’d feed or did you know from whome as well?” 

“She was the best option” Sophie replied. “If not her… then someone else, you couldn’t continue the way you where, besides you would have needed multiple humans yes?” 

“Yes” he growled, he knew she was right as vampires got older it took more blood to sate the thirst it was why so many elders only fed from others of their kind. Vampire blood was more satisfying and at least he’d gotten what he needed from Arabella. “And Siren?” 

“She won’t be happy” Sophie admitted, “but she will accept it.. now my brother?” 

Vincent nodded, heading towards the bed “Tell me, Will he turn?” 

“Yes” Sophie replied “but better that than dead” 

“Say’s you” Vincent growled, biting into his own wrist before allowing the droplets to fall into Peters mouth. “Blast it, i’m not looking forwards to being responsible for this one” he cursed knowing that as his sire he’s be responsible for everything Peter did from this day forward.

3 responses to “Vincent Is Responsible

  1. Oh thank goodness! Thank goodness little Brenna’s ok! Traumatized for life, yes, but not dead!

    … Though I do wonder what Arabella was thinking, going along with that. I would have thought it would be obvious that any very hungry vampire would go for the other vampire, and not the kid, first. Wouldn’t Arabella have more blood anyway?

    And Sophie is starting to scare me. She looks very nice in her dress (yes, I do feel the need to comment on characters’ fashion choices, why do you ask? ;)), but scary. I’m wondering if the power that comes from being Queen has gone to her head … or if Siren and Vincent got her like they were threatening to … or what?

    • Oh — and as for Peter — he may be a vampire, but I guess there’s always the hope that he might take a long walk at noon at some point … righ?

    • Feeding from an unwilling vampire is very much against the rules, she was counting on the fact that Vincnet knew that and is/was more scared of siren than concerned for a child’s well fair.

      Honestly Arabella had it in for Vincnet ever since he put himself bettween herself and chris she was more than likely so focused on her revenge (ie hoping he would kill the child followed by Sophie or Peter (which would have really made Siren mad)) that she didn’t really think the plan thought, but then again she wasn’t exaclty known for her brain’s.

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