Vincent Is Woken

Allard nervously peered over the sleeping Kindred, to all intense and purposes sleeping vampires appeared dead and humans coming across them would easily think them so. While sleeping vampires where vulnerable and hard to wake, the daylight producing a supernatural need to sleep unlike natural tiredness it was hard to resist and vampires caught unaware had been known to collapse where they stood with the setting of the sun. Only the most trusted of the household servants knew their way into their masters sleeping chambers, an honor Allard had. 

Vincent was more than his master he was his trusted friend, the treatment of ghoul’s varied from vampire to vampire Hector’s and Arabella’s ghouls where so dominated and in fear of their masters they barely had any free will of their own anymore. While Siren’s and Vincent had carefully chosen mortals willing to serve them in exchange for food/lodgings and a life of comfort a life Allard had grown to appreciate as blessed. 

Outside he could hear the duel had begun, glancing up at the window the heavy curtain’s where closed but he knew it would be at least an hour before it fully set and his master would wake naturally, forcing him awake now would be easier than at midday but it would still pose a challenge, it was risky Allard knew that. For all the Vincent was he was also still the beast the hunger that drove all Kindred still raged within him. 

The previous night Allard had noticed the sign’s that Vincent was low on blood cold hands, looking extra pale and quick to temper. Siren had encouraged him to find a maid or servant to feed from but Vincent had refused. He played from a different set of rules to the rest of them and Allard knew the old Vampire refused to feed from anything but a willing vessel. 

This all made Allard rightly nervous, they had only bought with them a few human servants, four ghouled guards and the three doubles and they had already provided their masters with blood up to the level it was considered safe. Vincent was old, his body’s capacity to hold blood great he didn’t normally need to feed so often but the past few days had been difficult, humans did not tend to notice little things when in a vampires presence for a short time, but the extended duration of their trip had meant Vincent had needed to pull out all the stops. Forcing his body to remain warm, breathing, blinking, eating, drinking they all took a toll.  His age meant that if Vincent was truly low on blood, sating the hunger could easily mean the old vampire could if he lost control drain a dozen men, and as selfish as it was Allard did not want to be the first. 

The clash of metal outside rang out, rushing to the window Allard peered outside cautious not to let any of the sunlight enter. He could see the duel going on from his position both men battling hard. Watching for a few moments the fight did not seem to be going in the young lord Vaux’s favor. Allard was enough of a swordsman to know that neither men had much skill with weapons. 

Lord Vaux it seemed had at least had reasonable training, his strikes precise and well thought out his footwork adequate yet ungraceful. Lord Hamdun on the other hand swung out like a great unskilled child, his swings erratic his footwork chaotic and on a number of occasions Allard though the clumsy oaf was set to fall over his own feet. All this said however it still came back to the advantage Lord Hamdun possessed, enhanced speed and strength meant none of Lord Vaux’s blows hit their mark and while the younger man was managing to fend off Lord Hamdun’s Allard could see that as each one clashed against his sword the power and force behind it hurt and had begun to weaken him. 

Turning his attention back to his sleeping master Allard knew he had to wake him, Siren would be the safer option but Vincent and Siren often did not see eye to eye and Allard knew Siren would consider Lord Vaux an acceptable loss. 

“Vincent” Allard whispered shaking the vampire roughly, this was not the time for a gentle approach. “Vincent wake up” 

The Vampires eye’s flicked open. 

“I’m sorry to wake you, but I thought you should know Peter is Dueling Lord Vaux” 

Vincent snarled, Allard could see the hunger in his eye’s. “When?” he growled roughly grabbing Allard by the collar and pulling him towards him. 

“Now .. im sorry .. I didn’t know if I should wake you” Allard stammered, his heart thumping loudly in his chest. 

Swinging his legs off the bed Vincent let go and pulled himself off the bed. His face stern. “Pass my coat” he demanded. 

Allard nodded, passing the coat as his hands touched Vincent’s he felt the iciness of them, they where beyond cold almost freezing, it was then he noticed the vampires fangs visible “Your fangs” he nodded nervously. 

Vincent nodded retracting them “Sorry” he apologized sensing Allards nerves. “I won’t hurt you, now lets see what we can do”

One response to “Vincent Is Woken

  1. Does this mean that Vincent is going to make lunch out of Peter? *innocent face* If he does he might just redeem himself in my eyes.

    Wow … I’m normally not this bloodthirsty, I swear, but that Peter has, over the course of his Grimstead life, managed to find all my buttons and bash them with a hammer. So, in other words, GO CHRIS! *waves Chris banner*

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