Christopher Makes Peace

Maegan woke to find Christopher perched on the end of the bed. “Morning” she groaned, unable to prevent her eye’s from filling with tears. Was this it? Was this him coming to tell her their marriage was over before it had ever truly began. 

“I’m sorry… “ he whispered. 

It was it …. He was going to tell her sorry it was over… he couldn’t be with her.. he didn’t want her. She could barely stand it, unable to contain them tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she watched him move up towards her. 

“I should have come sooner” he finally finished, pulling her into his arms. “We are going to get though this” he promised “It wasn’t your fault, I don’t blame you and your still my wife” 

Maegan burst into tears, the emotions overwhelming she’d not realised how much the thought of losing him had terrified her until he’d told her she was still his wife, minutes passed and he seemed content to hold her the stresses of the past few days melting away. 

“Look at me” he whispered eventually, encouraging her head up with his hand. Leaning forward he kissed her gently before she pulled away. 

“Don’t” she urged “im all horrible and puffy” suddenly concerned about how frightful she looked, all damp and sticky. 

“You look beautiful” He smiled “Now I’ll leave you to get dressed, I need to see Daniel” 

“What about?” 

“I want to know what he intends to do about Peter” he replied “Maegan I swear to you, he will pay for this.. I hope his injury’s take him but if they don’t he will be punished for what he did to you and Anya”

One response to “Christopher Makes Peace

  1. My hat goes off to Christopher. Of course, this would work better if I actually had a hat other than the wear-when-it-snows variety, which I refuse to even look at in September, but you get the idea.

    Now as long as he sticks with her, they can concentrate on picking up the pieces Peter left of Maegan and Anya … after Peter himself is safely resting in pieces, of course.

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