Raeanne Pass’s On The Message

Raeanne found Christopher sitting on the floor of his room, though the blood was long since cleaned up Raeanne couldn’t help but feel his presence there slightly unsettling. Still not wanting to drag the mood any further down she smiled “You have perfectly good chairs you know” 

“I know” Christopher sighed running his hand across the stone surface “You can see where she struggled.. ridges where the buckles of her slippers caught the stone work” 

Raeanne sighed “Didn’t Daniel offer another room?” 

“He did” Christopher admitted “but… I don’t know felt perhaps I might get some clues here” 

“clues to what? I thought what happened was perfectly clear” 

“I know I just… Oh it doesn’t matter” he replied “So how is she?” 

“Asking for you” Raeanne replied “I’m running out of excuses, you need to see her” 

“I don’t know what to say” he sighed. 

“You don’t have to say anything” Raeanne reasoned “She just wants to know you don’t blame her” 

“How could I blame her?” Christopher replied sadly “If I blame anyone I blame myself” 

“You should be blaming Peter” 

“Of Course I blame him” he snapped, the anger fading as soon as it arrived “but I blame me too I should never have left her alone” 

“I’m sure she doesn’t blame you” she tried to reason “but you can’t avoid her, she’s need to know you still want her” 

“Do I?” he asked looking up at her “Do I want her?” 

“Only you can answer that, but I would hope you where a better man than that.. don’t you love her at all?” 

“Love her?” he asked looking confused “I’m fond perhaps .. but love.. I wouldn’t use such a strong term” 

“Fond in the same way you are fond of me?” 

“Yes I suppose.. I don’t know.. why are we even talking this way?” he asked getting frustrated “I care for her isn’t that enough?” 

“I don’t suppose she’d think so, though I dare say she’d settle” she remarked “though I do suspect she is a great deal more attached to you than simply ‘fond’” 

“Anna don’t lecture” Christopher begged. 

“I’m not lecturing” she tried to reassure him, “Chris I’m just trying to point out that, she loves you and that if you cast her aside over this it will crush her and do far more damage than Peter ever could”

“What would the other noblemen think?” Christopher reasoned “Father thinks I should leave her here” 

“Father thinks no such thing” Raeanne retorted “Fathers commented quite often how he thinks that girl is the best thing you’ve ever had come into your life. I dare say father would not be scared to use the word love in relation to her either, as I have no doubt he considers her family, as much as any of us girls” 

“But he said…” 

“Shut up Christopher” she interrupted “He said that you should be aware of what the other noblemen think…But he, like I have long since realised you scarcely give a damn what anyone thinks. Even when it’s in your best interest to do so. So why start now?” 

“But.. “ 

“But nothing, Chris are you really such a coward that your going to let her go because your scared you can’t compete with Peter in the bedchamber??”

Christopher shook his head seeming horrified “I’m not competing with that?” 

“Arn’t you? Isn’t that why men like their women untouched, terrified we’ll lay there comparing them to previous lovers?” 

“Don’t be ridiculous.. it’s nothing like that” he reasoned. 

“Then what is it?”

“I don’t know what to say to her” he snapped “I don’t know how to make it better… we.. I .. I was waiting before we took that step because I wanted her to be ready I didn’t want it to ever scare her or make her unease and now… now what she’s going to be terrified, between Nicole dying in childbirth and now this im sure the mear thought of it or me anywhere near her is bound to be enough to send her running” 

“Then why is she asking for you?” Raeanne replied plainly. 

“Because she doesn’t know better” he retorted “Besides what if he got her pregnant… how do we deal with that?” 

“Well I’ve spoken to her.. and she says he didn’t get that far, in-fact she seems pretty convinced that any blood that may have been there, wasn’t hers and that if you where to consummate you’d still find her intact” 

“You mean he didn’t?” 

“She says he didn’t” 

“You don’t seem convinced?” 

“I think she’s a scared young woman.. willing to say anything to keep you, just the same way Anya’s denying everything. The real question is do you care? Does it really matter??.. she bleeds or she doesn’t.. either way you’ll still be her true first and only.. you can’t compare what he did to her to what you will do together, so the real question is do you really care if there are a few spec’s of blood in the morning??” 

“No not really” Christopher sighed. 

“then go to her.. tell her you lov.. your ‘fond’ of her and that she is still your wife.. you don’t need to know what to say to her. She’s not going to want to discuss it just hold her make her feel wanted that’s all she needs” 

“And if she is pregnant?” 

“Then you’ll deal with it… together”

One response to “Raeanne Pass’s On The Message

  1. I love Raeanne, I truly do. If she’d been this wise when she was betrothed to Thomas (and if there had been, of course, no Holly), holy crap! Grimstead wouldn’t be in half the trouble it’s in today.

    But then again, I guess this sort of wisdom is the type you can only get from experience.

    Now, Chris just needs to go an talk to her — or not talk to her, as Raeanne seems to imply, which might work just as well.

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