Maegan is Insistant.

Maegan woke her head fuzzy, adjusting to the dim light she looked around. She was no longer in her chambers the room was similar to the one Anya had. Somewhere in the servants quarters she suspected. Finding Raeanne sitting by her side she tried to smile weakly as she fitted the pieces of the earlier events together. 

“Your awake” Raeanne smiled, “How are you feeling” 

“Sore” she admitted, “My head hurts but I don’t even remember hitting it” 

Raenne nodded “What do you remember?” she asked warily. 

“Everything” she replied, desperately fighting to hold back the tears. 

“Oh Megs” Raeanne sighed moving up onto the bed beside her, pulling her into an embrace the young girl gratefully accepted. 

After a few moments she pulled away Somewhere in a room not too far away she could hear shouting, a man and woman though at this distance though the stone walls she could not tell who or what they said. “How long have I been asleep?” 

“A few hours” 

“Who’s fighting?” she asked. 

“My father and Anya” Raeanne replied, “Chris told him what happened, he’s trying to get Anya to admit it to Daniel” 

“Where is Chris?” 

“I’m not sure” Raeanne admitted. 

“Has he been?”   

“Not yet, but no doubt he’s just trying to work out how to get to Peter and kill him” 

“How is Peter?” she asked fearfully.   

“The doctor doesn’t expect him to make it, but don’t you worry about that. He got less than he deserved” 

Maegan nodded “Is Chris terribly mad?” 

“Not at you” Raeanne smiled, but Maegan could tell something was going on she wasn’t being told. 

“I want to see Christopher” she asked, biting her bottom lip. 

“Im not sure that’s a good idea” Raeanne replied. 

“Why not? he’s my husband I need him” Maegan protested, tears flooding down her cheeks. “Does he not want to see me?” 

“Of course he does” Raeanne soothed. 

“Then why isn’t he here?” she asked, did he think her spoiled? 

“It’s complicated” Raeanne explained “Give him time” 

“No” She protested, she knew exactly why he wasn’t here, he wasn’t here be cause he deemed her damaged, like the cracked pot on the market stall no-one wanted to buy. Where ever he was he was busy trying to weedle his way out of his marriage vows and then what would become of her? She thought he loved her.. but he didn’t.. now he just wanted to be rid of her. “Go and get him, tell him I want to see him” 

“Meg’s please calm down” 

“No I shant” Maegan demanded. “Get him now” 

“You don’t want to push him, not now let him calm down” 

“Get him and tell him… Peter didn’t … he didn’t even… tell him”. 

“What do you mean he didn’t?” 

“Im not spoiled” She sobbed “Does he know… does Chris know im not spoiled” 

Raeanne looked at her uncomfortably, Maegan couldn’t make up her mind if she belived her, but it was true.. at least she thought it was. 

“Anna please, you have to tell him” 

“Megs I changed you, your undergarments where ripped” 

“No…” Maegan sobbed “I would know… wouldn’t I know?” 

“Maybe you blocked it out?” 

“No” Maegan insisted, she’d always imagined that it would be at least a identifyable experience. Sure he’d hurt her and she knew ‘that’ hurt the first time.. but he’d struggled and she was sure he hadn’t…. Well she was almost sure. “He can’t have” Maegan decided “I’d know, surely I’d know?? He was struggling, I didn’t make it easy and I don’t think he could… surely if he had, I wouldn’t mistake it?” 

“I don’t know” Raeanne admitted, “Perhaps you just don’t want to remember it? Megs you bled there can be no mistake” 

The wind out of her sail’s she sighed defeated. But he can’t have, he was fumbling, surely he didn’t need his hands as much as that.. if he’d managed it… his hands. “the blood!” she exclaimed “It wasn’t mine.. I bite him he bled.. he used that hand to try and move everything that was in the way. “ 

Raeanne paused “Megs are you sure?” 

“Yes” she nodded “Im sure… tell Christopher.. please tell him im not spoiled” 

“I’ll tell him” Raeanne promised, but the look on her face told Maegan she wasn’t convinced. 

Suddenly the door flew open and Skye bounded in, running over she reached up and gave Maegan a hug “Ma say’s your not feeling well” the little girl smiled sympathetically. 

“Im not” Maegan agreed “but the hug helped” 

“Good” Skye grinned…turning her attention to her mother “Ma what does it mean when someone’s ‘stupid-ly predic-tuble’? 

“Predictable means you know can guess what someone’s going to do before they do it” 

“Oh” Skye nodded “Then why is it stupid?” 

“Well I guess when someone says someone is stupidly predictable it means that it’s very easy to guess what they are going to do” 

“Oh… cause Sophie told, Lord Hacker” 

“Baron Dacre” Raeanne corrected. 

“Yeah him… that Peter was stupid-ly Predic-tuble..I don’t think Lord Hamdun’s feeling well either cause Sophie let Baron .. Dac-ker into his room and he said he’d have him up and about in no time… Is he a Doctor cause maybe if he is he can help Maegan too??”

One response to “Maegan is Insistant.

  1. He WHAT??

    I take back every nice thing I ever said about Vincent. Every. Nice. Thing.

    … Unless of course “having him up and about in no time” is vampire-code for “lunch.” Then every nice thing I said about Vincent can stand.

    And Chris had better get get his butt in to see his wife, soon, or I’m climbing in to the computer screen and dragging him over there! ;)

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