Maegan Is Unsure?

Maegan found herself suddenly being dragged towards the bed by her hair, struggling against him she felt the pins digging painfully into her skull but the fear of what Peter intended to do was are more prevalent than any pain they caused her. 

Kicking out she managed to land a solid blow to his knee cap, sending him crashing to the floor and dragging her with him. 

“Your Husband will learn to respect me” Peter growled forcing her onto her back.

“The only thing he’ll do” she managed to gasp “is kill you” 

“We shall see” he growled, giving up of getting her to the bed he seems to settle on the floor, unable to look down because of how he still held her hair she could feel his other hand moving somewhere near her waist. 

If she was ever unsure as to what he was doing, it dissipated the moment she heard the rattle of his belt buckle. Fear spurring her one she tried to kick out again, but her second kick fell short of its target hitting him in the thigh. 

Pain suddenly shot up her legs as he suddenly moved to kneel on the top of her thighs, preventing her kicking again, the full weight of his body focused though his knees, it felt like iron spikes had been driven straight though the flesh. 

It wasn’t until she felt the roughness on his hands across her thigh that she realised that somehow throughout their struggle he’d managed to pull her dress and petticoats up. She managed one long piecing cry for help, as loud as her lungs would physically allow, before the hand that held her head finally moved to cover her mouth. 

“Another sound and i’ll kill you” he growled, the sound tearing off cloth signifying that he had no intention of trying to remove her undergarments. “Your putting up more of a fight that Anya did” he admitted, seeming to enjoy the fact “Then again I knew you would” 

This was not the way it was meant to be, it was supposed to be her husband .. this was not the way it was supposed to be. The thoughts rang though her head. 

Sudden pain between her legs, caused her to flinch for a moment she thought perhaps that was it.. had he taken from her what she’d been saving?

With his weight pressed against her chest she occasionally felt him or at least parts of him pressing painfull against her.  Had he done it? She wasnt’ sure? with such rough handling and no frame of referance all she knew for sure was it hurt…. No It wasn’t.. at least she prayed it wasn’t. Would he seem to be struggling so much if he had??   

Jerking her head she moved to distracted him his hand slipping from her mouth. “Help” she screamed again before he had chance to stop her. Cursing he turned his attention to her head trying to regain control of her mouth, but with a slight misjudgement on his part his fingers ended in in her mouth more than on it. 

She bite down hard. 

He roared in pain and Maegan suddenly tasted blood, refusing to let go she clamped her teeth down tight, managing to wriggle one of her hands free as he battled to release his wounded fingers. 

Reaching out above her she fumbled for anything to use as a weapon but found nothing as his free hand managed to tear her jaws apart. Nursing his bloodied fingers he knelt slightly taking much of his weight off her chest. Then it came the fist of his uninjured hand smashing into her face. 

Reeling she struggled to focus, feeling fuzzy headed she lost track of what he was doing, her hands flailing around drunkenly she reached out for something.. anything. 

Still she found nothing. 

Blinking she began to regain herself, he was still there he seemed to be inspecting his hand. 

Sneering he glared at her “You are so going to pay for that bitch” before dropping down on top of her again. The injured hand this time resuming the attempt to navigate the undergarments and help with whatever was going on down there.  While his good hand pinned her down by her throat “One word and I’ll kill you” he growled, re-emphasizing his point by squeezing the breath right out of her. 

Suddenly there was another sharp pain, this time not from below it scratched right up her arm on the left side, confused for a moment. She realised what it was, her hair pin. Wasting no time she grabbed pulling it free from her hair, it wasn’t much of a weapon but it would have to do. 

Swiftly she swung it around plunging it into his shoulder, he roared in pain again, squeezing more tightly on her throat. Again and again she hit him mostly catching his shoulder but some landing more to his arm. Grabbing out at her hand he pulled the pin free sending it flying across the room. 

“Bitch” growled angrily but just as she was starting to think she hadn’t hurt him that much she noticed the large reddish stain on his shirt beginning to grow. Then it happened he suddenly fell forward landing on top of her, struggling she could hear him gasping for breath but he no longer seemed to be trying to hurt her. 

Pushing him off he rolled onto his back and she managed to clamber to her feet looking down she could see the stain continue to grow, leaking out onto the floor. 

Taking no chances she ran.

One response to “Maegan Is Unsure?

  1. Did she … did she just kill him (or at any rate seriously injure him) with a hairpin?

    I think Maegan has officially surpassed her mother AND Siren in the realm of Badass Women of Grimstead.

    Part of me wants to cheer out loud for brave Maegan, but the other part of me wants to hold those cheers — there’s no way this is over yet. :(

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