Arabella is Punished.

Siren stood waiting for Sophie to re-emerge from her chambers, there was much to discuss. 

Allowing her mind to wander she scanned the thoughts of the people in the area, cooks, maids soldiers learning who was loyal to the crown and who was not. Discovering a few surprises along the way. 

Suddenly she paused she recognised a thought pattern, ‘must see her … ‘ the voice rattled almost incoherently ‘Must go to Arabella’ Normally she wouldn’t worry about such a thing Arabella often summoned young gentlemen to her room for feeding but after a few disturbing conversations with her child Siren recognised this voice. 

Heading though the large set of double doors, Siren bumped into Christopher Vaux. “Where are you going Christopher?” She asked. 

“I have to see Arabella” he replied. 


The young man looked confused, as they often did the summoning implanted a need driving a person to see the kindred who summoned him but they often didn’t understand why. “I don’t know” he mumbled. 

“Go back to your chambers Christopher” Siren ordered putting alittle more power behind the words than simple words. 

“Yes.. milady” Christopher nodded turning around. 

Siren shook her head angrily, Arabella wasn’t going to make a mess of everything with her obsession with this nobleman. Siren couldn’t even understand what she found so appealing she’d known the young kindred for almost a hundred years and while Arabella often entertained men she’d never obsessed about one like this before. 

Sophie would have to wait, storming down the stairs she headed though the maze of corridors towards the room Arabella had been granted, outside stood the two ghouled guards. A precaution needed because certain modifications had been needed to allow the vampires to sleep here. 

She burst into the room, Full length blackout curtain’s now hung over the window and various symbols adorned the walls preventing the daylight from penetrating. In the corner stood the three ghouled retainers they’d bought with them, ghoul’s with the abilty to change their appearance to mimic the look of the three vampires during the daylight hours. 

“Siren” Arabella jumped, spining around to face her mistress.  

Glowering at the ghoul’s “leave” she ordered watching the trio scatter. 

“What… what did I do?” Arabella cowered. 

“I told you to leave lord Vaux alone!” she hissed “You had your chance and blew it. 

“but.. but .. but we still need a way into the Vaux’s” she whimpered. 

“Vincent is working on befriending Orrick as we speak. I am not an idiot, this is not about a way into the Vaux’s and we both know it… what is it about that boy you find so appealing?” 

“I don’t know …” the young vampire stuttered. 

“Did he make you feel human? Is that what this is about?” 

“No.. I just .. we needed a way .. I thought.. I was trying to help” 

“Even after I told you to leave it?” 

“I .. im sorry.. I was just trying to help” Arabella mumbled. 

Siren sighed, it was the brujah way, always pushing boundary’s then never follow orders well. “Well don’t” she growled, Arabella didn’t know what hit her a flash of movement and Siren pulled a wooden stake from the back of her gown plunging it with a crack into Arabella’s chest and catching her as she fell limp eye’s wide. 

Most Kindred didn’t have the strength to stake a kindred as resilient as Arabella nor where most wooden stakes strong enough. Her’s where different, magically imbued with increased hardness after all a prince had to keep her subjects in line and if she continued to allow Arabella to run a muck the Ancilla vampire would bring the whole plan down. 

“I’m sorry Arabella” Siren sighed calming somewhat, knowing full well that the paralysed vampire could still hear her “I’ll remove the stake tomorrow evening in time for the party.. use this time to think about who’s orders your following” dragging the young girl to the bed she sat down beside her tilting her head to one side she bite into her neck and drank deeply. 

A few minutes later she re-emerged from the room, outside the gourds still waited along with the trio of servants, turning to the blond she smiled “your up… try not to get into trouble” 

“Yes milady” the young woman nodded, her appearance changing to that of Arabella’s.

One response to “Arabella is Punished.

  1. Holy crap … that Siren doesn’t mess around. Remind me not to get on her bad side.

    Still, though, part of me wants to cheer her on. Ok, a large part of me wants to cheer her on. Go Siren! You keep Arabella from making Chris screw up his and Maegan’s marriage!

    Good lord, though, that Chris can’t catch a break. When he decides he’s going to be faithful and keep to Maegan, what does he get but a vampire with the hots for him?

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