Sneaking Out

Anya smiled, she couldn’t be happier, for the past few days she’d been worrying herself that she was going to find Lorcan a bore or in some way vile, but he wasn’t he was sweet, funny and good looking and he seemed equally as interested in her as she seemed in him. 

The younger members of nobility had gathered in a upper lounge and while the younger children played the older ones sat in huddles under the watchful gaze of the kings mother. For many of them betrothal agreements had already been decided and the braver of the group had ventured to spend the time talking to their future spouse. 

Anya glanced across the room to where Joseph, Sir Bendett’s oldest son was attempting a conversation with his betrothed Dawn Shaw, he was clearly struggling Dawn was as quiet as a church mouse, people said she had never been the same since Valdermar killed her mother and from Maegan’s story’s of schooling Anya suspected her expensive education paid for by the crown wasn’t helping.

“You’ve gone quiet” Lorcan noted venturing to sneak his hand along the bench to Anya’s, out of the sight of Lady Silverhand. 

“So when do you go to university?” she asked. 

Lorcan shrugged “I’m not sure, my brother is against commissioning a boat just for me but Adin and Joseph aren’t old enough to go yet. I know he had some discussion’s with Gabriel planned because he has trade ships that go that way perhaps I’ll be able to get passage on one of those. So hopefully later this year” 

“You’ll be away four years?” 

Lorcan nodded “there about, then I come home and a soon as I’m settled we’ll marry” 

Anya felt her cheeks glow, married .. it was such a nice word, Lady Anya Baeumont that had a nice ring.  “Four years seems a long time” 

“It won’t be” Lorcan promised, “What’s the matter you seem distracted?” 

“I’m sorry” she giggled, glancing towards Annabella “It’s just she’s watching us” 

“We could go somewhere a little more private” he suggested. 

“She’ll never let us?” 

“I wasn’t going to ask for permission” he grinned “Do you know where the Barracks is?” Anya nodded, “when you go down the stairs my room is the third on the left, excuse yourself and go there. I’ll follow you down in ten minutes” 

“Alright” Anya nodded eagerly, picking herself up she headed over the Lady Silverhand. “I’m heading up now” she lied to the old woman “Maegan needs my help preparing for bed” 

“Ok dear have a good night” The elderly noblewoman smiled, “Give my granddaughter a hug from me” 

“I will” Anya promised heading out of the door as she watched Lorcan begin to mingle with the others.

One response to “Sneaking Out

  1. Ack! Anya, no, don’t do it! Why do I have a horrible feeling that Lorcan is going to try to take things too far with her?

    … Oh, that’s right, he’s Valdemar’s little brother and they share that she-witch Avril for a mother! Run, Anya, RUN!!

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