A Proposel Vincent Hasn’t Heard In a Hundred Years

“So Baron Dacre are you married?” Orrick asked, the new nobleman having not seen or heard of a wife in the conversations. 

“Call me Vincent most people do” he smiled “No im not married, I was once a long time ago but she died” 

“Any children?” 

“A Girl” Vincent nodded “She’s not mine by birth but I care for her all the same.. I sort of adopted her family” 

“That’s nice” Orrick nodded, it took a good heart to adopt another man’s child Orrick decided. “Ever think about re-marrying?” 

Vincent chuckled “You have daughters?” 

“Well yes” Orrick admitted, feeling a little embarrassed Vincent had clearly seen the line of questioning coming and Orrick only hoped the nobleman didn’t think badly of him for asking. It was just that there where other fathers and if he didn’t another man would get in before him, especially as the new nobles where already causing quite a stir as it was quickly becoming clear that the scales of power in the kingdom where about to get tipped. 

“I’m not sure im the type of man you want for your Daughters” Vincent replied “Though I’m honoured”  

“Well I hardly know you” Orrick admitted “but I thought it perhaps a good place to start building a relationship and I’m sure your about to get a great deal of interest from other fathers” 

Vincent chuckled again “Well I shall bare that in mind, but I can’t imagine I’ll consider re-marrying” 

“That’s a shame… a young man like you with no son, who will you pass your lands too?” 

“I don’t really worry about it” he smiled, but Orrick noted a sadness in that smile and he suspected that it wasn’t that Baron Dacre hadn’t thought about it, more that he didn’t want to think about it. “So how many daughters do you have?” 

“Six” Orrick smiled, “though only three for which im looking for husbands” 

“You are blessed” Vincent smiled “but also dutied with quite a task I fear” 

“Yes more so than most” Orrick nodded “My wife, wasn’t a noblewoman and many men do not consider my daughter’s suitable for that reason” 

“That’s a shame” Vincent nodded “So much comes down to a matter of blood yet, you’d be surprised how many things come down to such a thing.. silly really as the substance is in reality much the same from one person to the next..”

“Indeed” Orrick nodded “And from that a take you do not concider such things important?” 

“Too many war’s are waged based on foolish idea’s, we are all god’s creatures and the blood that run’s though our vain’s shouldn’t matter.  If people paid more attention to the nature of a person’s soul than the flesh that binds him it is my belief there would be far less war’s over the inconsequential matters. War’s should only be waged over the things that truly matter like protecting ones loved ones” 

Orrick nodded “I do believe I could grow to quite like you” 

“Arh if only” Vincent smiled “I wonder if you would still like my if you knew who I truly was” 

“A man with secrets?” 

“What man doesn’t?” Vincent smiled “But none that I believe should prevent us from being friends” 

“Good” Orrick smiled “but speaking of matters that may affect our friendship.. I belive my son made an err of judgement when it came to Duchess Archangel’s daughter? I don’t wish it to come between our family’s I was wondering how the Duchess was taking the news?” 

“I wouldn’t worry” the Baron smiled “Arabella is strong willed and your son was not the first, you shouldn’t expect a backlash from the Duchess she doesn’t blame your son, nor will she look unfavourably on you” 

“Good, but all the same if there is consequences I’ll make sure my son takes responsibility” 

Vincent laughed seeming amused by the concept “You shouldn’t worry Arabella is capable of dealing with such matters… though I worry more about the effect this might be having on your son’s young wife, I take it by her reaction at dinner she knows” 

“Yes I belive he told her” 

“Hmm.. perhaps not his wisest move” Vincent nodded “Though his honesty should be commended, do you think their relationship will weather it?” 

“I expect so” Orrick nodded “She’s too good for him but I’m hoping he’ll realise how lucky he is” 

“So do I” Vincent agreed, “though i don’t know her personally I did know her Father Alistair he was a fine man”

Orrick raised an eyebrow “You knew Alistair? i didn’t realise your people had introduced yourself”

“Yes briefly” Vincent nodded “I think perhaps things would have been quite different if Alistair had been crowned. Still Daniel has welcomed us into the kingdom so I dare say things have worked out for me”

Orrick nodded “True enough.. So Baron would you consider an invitation to dinner one evening in the next few weeks i’d like to get to know you better”

“Is this an attempt at pairing me with one of your daughters?” Vincent chuckled.

“I don’t promise not too” Orrick laughed “I’m a desperate man, but no it’s an honest invitation in the interest of forming a friendship between our families”

“Then I accept”

“I’m Glad” Orrick nodded “So does this mean I can’t try and push one of my daughters on to you tomorrow during the celebrations?”

The baron chuckled it was a warm friendly sort of laugh “by all means try” he agreed “But don’t be disappointed I don’t take to one of them, i’m a hard man to please”

2 responses to “A Proposel Vincent Hasn’t Heard In a Hundred Years

  1. Everything’s better with pictures. :)

    In other news, hmm … well, if Orrick insists on marrying his daughter off to a vampire, you know, he couldn’t have picked a better vampire. ;) Though I doubt Vincent will bite. (Er … bite on Orrick’s offer, that is.) Seems like it would just involve him into too much trouble.

    For that matter, can vampires even have kids?

  2. Nope vampires can’t have kids.. infact .. appologise for being crude..

    Male and female vampires no longer produce eggs/sperm. For the most part male vampires can no longer even rise for the occasion and female vampire while still have the anatomy they don’t lubricate as it where.

    when a vampire is created most human bodily functions stop, they don’t breath, sweat, blink they can’t eat food nor is thier skin warm to the touch… etc etc.

    Now interestingly enough. They can learn to mimic these abilitys and the Toreador Clan is the most likely clan to bother as they are the clan which interacts with humans the most.

    Some Examples

    A vampire’s skin is warm briefly just after it’s fed (as the human blood is warm upon entering it’s system) but a vampire can learn to burn blood in order to force it’s body to warm up.

    Blinking .. is no longer natural but a vampire can force it’s self to blink, much the same way we would if we blinked on purpose but it takes learning because they have to concously think about it. Same for breathing, they can force themselves to breath in and out but it does require years of practice to do it for prelonged periods of time.

    Eating food — the vampire body can no longer process food but they can learn to “eat it” and store the food in thier stomachs to regurgatate later. This is a RARE ablity to learn most vampires find the thought disgusting and it’s quite a painful process for them

    Sex .. female vampires can learn to burn blood to lubricate themselves, while male vampires can burn blood to make themselves rise to the occasion, but neither sex orgasm’s from the act. On the up side a male isn’t likely to stop too soon .. hehe.. so he can continue untill his partner is satisfied.

    Which is why many will use it simply to feed, the act of feeding is plesurable for both vampire and human it has a sort of euphuric affect. Again not that many vampires bother to learn how to do it and when they do they tend to by toreador.

    All this said having a human wife would cause Vincent alot of bother. Simple things like what does he tell her about the fact that he sleeps all day?? would pose him problems i suspect.

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