Enter the Sept

Lar’s had asked Asha to keep a very close eye on her father over the last month, noting which ‘magic’ she saw him use anything she thought Lar’s should know, basically anything which would give Lar’s an idea of the mages capability’s. 

The list she’s recited back to him was reasonably extensive but nothing he and Heather hadn’t faced before. The most difficult challenge would be trying to take him alive and even more so what to do with him after. The more he thought about it the more he realised his initial idea wasn’t going to work, This Luscious chap was clearly the real threat. 

Sure He and Heather could take Tarik out of the castle even teach him the error of his ways but unless they wanted to leave Darkfire castle in the hands of the a powerful mage, Tarik’s wife and children included, taking Tarik out of the castle simply wasn’t going to be enough. 

There was nothing left for it this mage had to die, if Tarik was to retain control of his castle. The thought didn’t bother Lar’s as far as he was concerned this Luscious chap had some pain due for what he’d done to Alice. 

The problem was, last time they’d breeched the wall’s the mage had clearly underestimated them, he’d not expected to have to deal with Vampires and Werewolves together and he’d most likely not expect to find such powerful members of their species in such a small kingdom he would have undoubtedly preprepared by now, perhaps even called in reinforcements by now.. other mages ..perhaps.. Lar’s shuddered at the thought… he hated mages. 

Luscious was going to take a fall Lar’s decided, but it was going to take more consideration than he’d first thought for now he’d have to wait, Asha and Quillen would need to do what they could to keep their father in control while he came up with a plan. 

Lar’s wandered into Kaitlyn’s bedroom where he found her reading, he never understood the fascination of books squiggles on pieces of paper. The relationship was tentative at best, while she seemed to accept he was her husband she didn’t love him, infact most days she seemed to barely tolerate him.

He wasn’t a fool he knew the reasons, constant matters of the pack getting in the way of matters between husband and wife, but that was the price of being garou the duty to ones pack had to come before duty to ones wife no matter how much you didn’t want it to be so. 

He’d hoped now Alice was home and safe things would settle down but if anything they’d gotten worse Heather concerned about the safety of the caern, traditionally multiple Garou packs would congregate around a caern, the gathering of ‘septs’ each pack had it’s leaders but each pack would follow the sept leader.

According to Heather there had once been a fully fledged sept here but they had long since been wiped out in an incident Heather refused to talk about, leaving just Janis the deformed metis garou and Heather remaining, well that was until Lar’s turned up that is. 

Heather was now talking about summoning other garou, rebuilding the sept in defence of the caern, life would no longer be simple Lar’s decided if others came to Grimstead. Ranks and positions would need to be decided and Lar’s couldn’t reasonably claim to be even a pack leader any more not with Wolf and Fanglor dead.. he’d be the leader of what? A single cub who as yet couldn’t even control when she shifted?

Ugh .. septs where messy political things. Lar’s was a powerful Garou, not as powerful as Heather perhaps but if a sept was formed he’d have to take his place and that would mean fighting to lead it or standing aside and allowing some young wet behind the ears dault tell him what to do. 

Lar’s groaned, if a sept came war really would break out, he’d no longer have the excuse of leaving the vamps and mages alone due to lack of numbers a sept of Garou would push to wipe the wyrm from the area. 

Looking over at Kaitlyn he settled down beside her with a sigh, if a sept was formed Kaitlyn really would have a hundred and one reason’s to hate him. He wondered how Kaitlyn would accept the introduction of twenty or more Garou to the area, but more to the point he wondered how a sept would accept Kaitlyn a woman for whom the delirium seemed to have little effect.

One response to “Enter the Sept

  1. Putting a sept within three miles of Kaitlyn sounds like a recipe for a medieval divorce. :-S

    But things are about to get really interesting in Grimstead, I take it! I highly doubt Daniel will survive if an all-out supernatural war breaks out on his front step. Duncan would almost have to be king, because he’s the only one who has a clue what’s going on.

    Oy, oy, oy.

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