Christophers Manual

Maegan stood quickly as Christopher approached, but her eye’s dropped to the floor while her face flushed red unable to face looking at him, utterly mortified. 

For a moment she thought he was going to speak to her but instead her nightmare was realised as he moved past her and to the bed, slipping his had beneath the pillow he retrieved the horrific book. 

Maegan felt her heart sink, however was she to explain it.  “You know if you wanted to borrow it you only had to ask” he chuckled, gently placing it down on the table. 

She’d thought he’d be angry at her, but he didn’t sound angry only slightly amused daring to look up his face seemed gentle as though her apparent mortification punishment enough. “Im sorry” she whispered hoping, upon hope that if there was a god he’d command the earth swallow her up there and then. 

“There’s nothing to be sorry for” he replied “I wish you and my sister wouldn’t snoop around my bedroom but it’s hardly a crime” 

Maegan nodded she didn’t know what to say she felt so utterly embarrassed that she’d been caught looking at such a thing, even if the vulgar thing had been Christophers because everyone knew things like that where different for a man than a woman. 

“So is it true?” he asked “Do you want me to kiss you?” 

Don’t make me answer, please don’t make me answer.  

Christopher chuckled as though reading her mind “Soon” he nodded, “I promise soon, but just not now not like this, it would seem staged and forced there will be a time when it feels more natural” 

Maegan nodded gratefully, not so much for the fact that he’d promised to kiss her but more for the fact that she’d not been forced to say it. 

“Was that all you where talking about” he asked “huddled over that book?” 

“A little more than kissing” she admitted, praying he would make her go into details about that either. Smiling he seemed to understand, but with a sudden urge to explain herself “It’s easier for a man, you get a manual.. a woman if she’s lucky gets a few guiding words from her mother and is expected to know the rest” she blurted out. 

“A manual? Is that what it is?” Christopher laughed, “And all this time I just thought it was a dirty book for dirty minded men” 

“isn’t it?” 

“Well I suppose it is.. I guess when I bought it, it seemed like a manual. Though to be fair thanks to that book my first experience didn’t go according to plan” 

“It didn’t?” 

“No” Christopher chuckled. 

“Why not?” 

“Im not sure that’s a conversation for fine company” he chuckled “suffice to say when I bought it I dare say it was for the same reasons you opened it. Curiosity about what the fuss was about.. by the time I was ready to put any of it into practice, I dare say I would have benefited from leaving it well alone” 

“I don’t understand” Maegan asked, the relaxed way Christopher spoke it was hard not to feel put at ease, she’d been so terrified he’d think her a disgrace or perhaps as vulgar as that book. Yet now he made her feel, as thought the whole thing was quite normal. That perhaps he’d not been born with all the answer’s either.  

“Lets just say I should have tried something simpler for my first attempt” he grinned. “But the young lady in question took it all in good humour” 

“You regretted buying it?” 

“Not really, but I regretted thinking it was the way love making should be, it’s only now I’m older I realise gymnastics’ in the bedroom while has it’s place isn’t always what women want, real love making is often much simpler and far more satisfying”

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