Maegan Finds It Vulgar

Maegan tilted her head as if somehow looking at the picture from another angle would help her understand it. Spinning the book she shook her head with bewilderment “I’m just not sure how it’s possible” she decided. 

“I know!” Anya exclaimed “It doesn’t seem at all natural does it?” 

Maegan giggled “I’m not sure any of it’s natural” she admitted flinging herself backwards onto Christophers bed landing heavily next to Anya. “Surely God was having an off day when he decided on this method of procreation” 

Maegan’s naivety had been somewhat broken when she’d read Jaedyn’s letter and no longer believed there was indeed just one way for a woman to have intercourse with her husband, but this book was opening her eyes wider than she ever imagined. 

Snatching the book Anya flicked though the pages “this one’s my favourite” she giggled pointing to a picture of a man and woman in some weird upside-down position. 

Maegan’s peered over and frowned “It doesn’t look very comfortable” she decided “Have you tried it?” 

“Eeee … No” Anya squealed “What sort of girl do you think I am.. I haven’t actually done any of them yet” 

“Oh… I thought you might have” Maegan replied surprised, she’d long since decided that Anya must have gotten herself into all sorts of trouble. 

“No!” Anya snapped “I’ve kissed a few boys.. and messed about abit but never that!” 

“Messed about like how?” 

Anya sighed “you know like messed about.. touched and things” 

“No I don’t know” Maegan giggled “Only time I’ve ever even been kissed was that time with that carpenter boy and that was horrible” 

“Horrible.. I thought Faron kissed quite well” 

“Well you would know” Maegan giggled slapping her friend playfully, before snatching the book back “So where do you suppose Chris got a book like this?” she wondered “It’s quite vulgar really” 

Anya shrugged “The mainland I guess, maybe when he was at university?” 

“Maybe” she agreed, flicking though the pages “Do you think he’s tried them all?” 

“I don’t know… but I bet he’ll want too with you” she giggled. 

“Even this one” Maegan laughed pointing at a random page, she gazed quizzically at the picture trying to decipher what the couple where doing. “It kinda looks like she’s head butting him… surely man can’t like that?” 

“What?!” Anya exclaimed, Pulling the book from her grasp the older girl burst out laughing “She isn’t head butting him you oaf… she’s got his.. thing in her mouth..”

“in her mouth?” Maegan baulked screwing up her face as she lay back down. That didn’t sound pleasant “I didn’t think you could get pregnant that way” 

Anya laughed all the harder “Your such a baby sometimes, this book isn’t about getting pregnant it’s about pleasure” 

“Oh!” Maegan exclaimed feeling somewhat foolish. “I take it then men like that?”


“I guess so” Anya replied “Faron tried to get me to do it to him once but I wouldn’t” 

“I’m not surprised” Maegan frowned not sure she’d want to do it either. 

“I know it sounds frightful” Anya agreed “I men thats where they pee from, it can’t be clean” 

“Oh Anya how on earth are we supposed to know what to do it all sounds so complicated” 

“I wouldn’t worry” Anya assured her trying to stifle a giggle “Chris has had lots of practice.. he can teach you to ride him instead of that horse” 

Maegan giggled, slapping Anya again “Shut up.. i’m terrified enough” 

“Terrified of what?” a voice asked causing both girls to look up. 

Christopher stood at the top of the stairs looking into the chamber, hurriedly Anya forced the book beneath the pillow. 

“Nothing!” Maegan exclaimed. 

“What are you girls upto?” Christopher prompted, looking towards the pillow where he had apparently not missed something get shoved. 

“I should go” Anya giggled, standing quickly she raced off towards the door. 

“Terrified of what?” Christopher asked again. 

“You kissing her” Anya grinned, before leaving the room “she’s terrified about that, but she wants you to do it… so I’d suggest you get on with it before you die of old age” 

Maegan’s cheeks flushed red, she could hardly bare it as he walked towards her not quite sure what scared her more that fact that Anya had told him to kiss her or the fact that he moved towards the bed and towards where the dreadful book was hidden beneath the pillow.

2 responses to “Maegan Finds It Vulgar

  1. I was smiling ear to ear….so cute. I really liked this chapter. I hope he does kiss her. (does anyone else hear that song “kiss the girl” in the background??? LOL

  2. This was adorable and hilarious at the same time! I love Anya and Maegan. Honestly, even though I’m hoping Anya ends up with somebody and is happy, now I’m kind of hoping that it isn’t anytime soon, if it’ll deprive us of great scenes like this!

    Don’t be scared
    You got the mood prepared
    Go on and kiss the girl!”

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