Under The Bed

“Are you disappointed?” Maegan ventured as she pushed Anya on the swing Christopher had made for her. At first the young girl hadn’t been convinced that a rope swing attached to an old oak tree was the most appropriate past time for a lady but Christopher had laughed and said he didn’t care about appropriate, there would be a time where their sons and daughters would thank them for less than appropriate parents. 

‘sons and daughters’ Maegan blushed at the thought of him even saying the words, it could only mean he was thinking about it.. about them, about having children with her. 

“Not really” Anya replied bringing Maegans thoughts back to the conversation at hand. “I mean I am a little but I didn’t get my hopes up, Danson’s a very important man I guess it makes more sence he’d be interested in Raeanne” 

“Raeanne didn’t seem to happy about it” Maegan noted. 

“She wasn’t” Anya giggled, “Her and father had a terrible fight about it, I heard them” 

“Why?” Maegan asked, not understanding “Danson’s a good option for a husband surely?” 

Anya shrugged “Father said Raeanne has never known what’s good for her” 

“Do you think your father will keep looking for someone for you?” 

“I don’t know” Anya admitted, “He say’s he’s going to visit with Lorcan at the barracks, then perhaps see how Holly’s doing.. if everything seems fine he might let the current arrangement stand. Valdermar isn’t in the dog house the way he was under Thomas’s rule so it’s no longer a socially bad move if just depends if he feels Lorcan can and will take care of me.. Daniel may have forgotten Valdermar’s actions of the past few years but my father hasn’t” 

“Do you like Lorcan?” Maegan giggled, giving Anya another push. 

“I don’t know” she called back as she swung “I can’t even remember what he looks like”   

“I bet he’ll be at the coronation, perhaps you should introduce yourself” 

Anya giggled “Only if you come with me” 

“I will” Maegan agreed. 

“Soooo how are things with Chris?” Anya fired back “Has he kissed you yet?” 

“Not really” Maegan replied, “He looks at my funny sometimes and I think he might, but he never does” 

“Why not?” 

“How am I supposed to know?”  Maegan replied. 

“Well I don’t know?” Anya replied “It seems abit odd though don’t you think? I mean you seem to be getting along, I would have thought he’d done it by now?” 

Maegan shrugged “Maybe he’s just waiting for the right time.. sometimes when he looks at me I think he wants too but then sometimes I get the feeling he still thinks me too young” 

“Do you think your too young?” 

“No” Maegan replied “You’d been kissed at my age hadn’t you?” 

“Yeah a few times… well maybe he’s just scared that if he kisses you, he’ll like it so much he’ll want to do more?” 

“I wouldn’t mind” Maegan shrugged, at least she didn’t think she would. 

“Wouldn’t you?” Anya giggled, “What if he liked it so much he wanted to tear off all your clothes” 

Maegan paused “He hasn’t even kissed me yet how am I supposed to know? I think it would be alright” she blushed. 

Anya giggled “Then maybe you need to let him know it’s alright, you did say he said he’d realised he needed to wait for you to decide when you where ready…. Soooo maybe you need to let him know you ARE ready” 

“But am I ready? How do I know?” Maegan asked. 

Anya stopped the swing, turning in the seat “Do you get flustered around him?” Maegan nodded, “Does your heart pound, and in those moments when you think he might kiss you, do you hope that he will?” she nodded again “Then your ready silly. You should tell him” 


“With words silly, just tell him you want him to kiss you” 

“Oh I couldn’t” Maegan blushed “he’d think me some silly little girl” 

“No he wouldn’t, I bet he’d be really happy and do it there and then” 

“No no… I just couldn’t, it would be too embarrassing, what if he said no” 

“Well then don’t ask, ‘just let him know’.. you know flirt with him” 

“Flirt!” Maegan exclaimed, giggling at the absurdity “How do you suppose I do that?”

“You know just let him know your interested, touch him in a way that isn’t just ‘friendly’ or give him looks or suggestions that let him know your ready” 

“Touch him!” Maegan squeeled “You make it sound like a should just grab him” 

“Not like that” Anya giggled. “When you next spend the evening together why not sit on his knee rather than beside him” 

“I’ll squash him” Maegan protested. 

“No you won’t, and if you sit straddling him, like you do when you ride that horse of yours he’s sure to get the message” she laughed. 

“How? I don’t understand” 

“Oh Meg’s your such a baby sometimes” Anya laughed, “Chris has a book I’ll show you” 

“A what?” she exclaimed, being dragged towards the house by the older girl. 

“A book… it’s under his bed he thinks I don’t know about it… I’ll show you”

2 responses to “Under The Bed

  1. Anya + Maegan’s friendship = too cute.

    I really liked this chapter. :)

  2. Pic’s make it even better :P

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