Sophie Warn’s Daniel

Daniel woke to find Sophie wandering the room, she had her own chambers but never used them preferring to sleep at his side something he had no problem with. Over the last few weeks however she’d become more and more agitated at first he’d put it down to her pregnancy but as time went on it became more apparent that it was something deeper. 

All he wanted was to be a good king but even his wife didn’t seem to think him capable of that. While she’d been in favour of the new nobles joining Grimstead almost everything else he did met with her disapproval, he still remembered clearly the screaming and ranting she’d done when he’d ordered the pass up to Darkfire closed. He wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t her ranting about how Duncan wouldn’t give up on the throne that had caused it to do it in the first place. 

He thought having a seer for a wife would be a benefit but now he wasn’t so sure perhaps there was some comfort to take, in not knowing what the future held. 

“What’s the matter Sophie?” he asked warily. 

“Your going to die” she muttered “no no … must stop it” 

Daniel sighed, “Why this time?” he asked.

“Kaitlyn.. it’s all Kaitlyn’s fault” 

“Kaitlyn’s trapped in the mountains, besides Kaitlyn’s not got it in her to kill a man” 

“You’d be surprised” Sophie retorted. “The knife is not in her hand but she guides it none the less”

“You see someone killing me?” Daniel asked “When?” 

“Soon.. soon … must stop it” 

“How, how can we stop it?” 

“Orion we need Orion he must do what an army can-not” 

“Orion what the hell is an Orion?” 

“Not what.. Who” Sophie replied “Orion can stop him… only Orion” 

“Sophie your not making any sense” Daniel begged, he hated it when she got like this, all she’d done for weeks was ramble on about how he was going to die and he was finding it all very upsetting. 

Climbing from the bed he moved to her side, her tear streaked face glanced up at him with fear in her eye’s “Orion… we need to find Orion”

“Who is Orion?” Daniel begged, trying to guide her to the couch.

Shaking him off she remained agitated, “I don’t know” she wailed, “it’s all fuzzy.. I just know we need him”

“Do you have any idea how to find him?”

“Your going to die Daniel” she sobbed “I can’t lose you”

“No-ones going to die” he soothed “come on Sophie focus, where can we find Orion?”

she paced back and forth, head down the strain evident “Sir Bendett” she replied suddenly flicking her head upward, things suddenly seeming clear. “Sir Bendett knows where he is”

“Ok” Daniel nodded hopefully “I’ll call him here in the morning we’ll get him to tell us who Orion is and we’ll get him bought here”

“Yes yes.. “ Sophie replied nodded “yes we need Orion, he can keep you safe”

“See Sophie things are going to be aright”

“Yes yes aright” she smiled weakly, her eye’s closing she collapsed into his arm’s.

One response to “Sophie Warn’s Daniel

  1. Orion Carpenter! Orion Carpenter! You know, the guy with what — eight daughters who are now without a mother??

    *bites nails* Oy. I know Daniel isn’t a good king, but I never wanted him dead … but if Duncan’s going to ever get the throne, Daniel’s kind of going to have to be dead, isn’t he?

    I guess Grimstead’s dynastic troubles aren’t going to be over for a long, long time. Poor Henry must be weeping in his grave.

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