Danson Approches Raeanne

Danson found Raeanne in the garden, she’d quickly snuck out after dinner. If it was attempt to get herself out of the way and leave room for Anya it wasn’t a good sign. Either she had no clue Danson’s presance had anything to do with her or more likely Danson did not meet with her approvel.  

He’d spoken to Orrick and tested the waters confirming that the elderly nobleman was indeed proposing that he may find Raeanne a suitable wife and Danson’s indication that he intended to follow the young woman had seemed to meet with approval. 

“I take it by your appearance your in on my fathers plotting” Raeanne smiled as he approached, it was a forced sort of smile the kind a woman gave when she was trying to be polite but inside was quite irritated. 

Danson was a little taken back by her directness.  Though from listening to Thomas speak of the girl he was betrothed to during university he should not have been. Thomas had always said that Raeanne did not hide her feelings well and if she was upset or angry the world tended to know about it.

The fact didn’t bother him, he preferred gentler women but directness had it’s advantages and he’d rather he knew where he stood rather than be lumbered with a woman who hide her feeling from him. 

“I wasn’t no” Danson admitted “I had no idea why I was being invited, until I got here but I guess I picked up his intentions pretty quickly” 

“Shall I save you some time and effort by saying im not interested” Raeanne replied calmly but clearly “My …Wolf, he only died a year ago I’m not ready to consider another man” 

“You loved him?” Danson asked surprised, sensing her pain. He didn’t know much about the pairing, only witnessing the couple on a few occasions and always from afar.  However from the way Thomas spoke about her, the fiesty young woman had not found the prince a good enough suitor, so it never occurred to him that she could ever feel a woodsman was. He’d naturally always assumed the marriage had been forced by Orrick. 

“Yes I loved him” she replied, her tone sad “Is it so difficult to believe?” 

“No I guess not” Danson replied, his whole approach someone thrown out of kilter “You shouldn’t be angry at your father, he only wants what’s best for you” 

“What is best for me, is to be left alone” 

“Im sorry, I guess he just worry’s that he’d getting on in years he doesn’t want you seen out in the street with your daughter when he dies” as soon as he said it he realised he’d made a mistake, Raeanne’s face turned angry. 

“I pity you” she growled “If your family is so terrible they would turn a member out onto the streets, then I pity you. My family would NEVER do such a thing.. if and when my father dies my brother will take care of me and my daughter and he will be happy to do so.  That is what family is about and if something unthinkable should happen to him then there is my sister or my daughters Grandfather. Don’t you dare try and blackmail me into marriage with the fear that I may find myself destitute because it will NEVER happen, not as long as I’m a Vaux because that is not what this family is about” 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend perhaps I have spent too much time around the less noble men” 

“Perhaps you have” she growled. 

“Can we start again?” 

“How do you suggest we do that?” she replied harshly “Perhaps you intend to appeal to my nurturing side instead, suggest that perhaps I’m yearning for more children?” 

“I would never assume” Danson replied suddenly concerned that anything he might say would get turned around against him. 

“Good, because im happy enough with my daughter” she snapped “Besides I didn’t think the barrack’s was a place to raise children when Thomas was there and I don’t believe it’s anymore suitable now” 

“No of course not” 

“Then what exactly do you propose, Skye should perhaps remain here with her grandfather?” 

“No of course not, I was thinking perhaps she’d benefit from an education.. it would help her marry well” 

“My daughters father was a woodsman” Raeanne retorted, “There is no marrying well, not by your standards anyway. An education would be a waste of money and would serve no more purpose than to get rid of her and we both know it” 

“That’s not true with an education she’d stand a better chance” 

“Then why aren’t you considering Anya?” 

“I … it’s complicated” 

“No it’s not” Raeanne snapped “You’re a stuck up, elitist nobleman, no better than the rest of them. Anya is a lovely girl, who would make a lovely wife and wants nothing more than to pop out twenty children to some nobleman, but that isn’t likely to happen because men like you would rather marry a woman who hates you but happen’s to have the right mix of blood than marry a girl like Anya who would do everything in her power to make her husband happy” 

“No that’s..” 

“This conversation is over” Raeanne replied cutting him off, making her point clear by walking away.

2 responses to “Danson Approches Raeanne

  1. *jaw drops*

    I never thought I would say this, but … GO RAEANNE!! You tell him!

    Danson’s a nice guy and all, and he’s sort of trapped by the times he lives in, but Raeanne has a point. And I love how she’s standing up for her little sister like that, even if she does have an “ulterior” motive (i.e. not wanting to marry Danson herself because she’s not ready to move on after Wolf).

    Also, I think Raeanne is more than right that she would never be turned out onto the streets. Hell, if/when something happens to Orrick, Chris will probably be BEGGING her to stay with them, so he doesn’t have to raise four little sisters all by himself!

    So maybe Danson will look elsewhere — Anya or Ailana, perhaps? ;)

  2. Wow. I really don’t know what else to say. Except I wished he would have chosen Anya…but now I am not so sure…even though I really hope he doesn’t choose Ailana (purely because I don’t like her family and don’t want to see them have anymore power than they already have)

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