Orrick Resumes Fatherly Duties

“Have you received your invitation to the coronation?” Christopher asked his father.

Watching as the old man paced back and forth rocking his youngest daughter in his arms. Raeanne had told him that his father had barely left the baby alone for weeks, she was worried about him, fathers often doted on their children but the attachment he’d taken with Matilda was somewhat more than normal, at first she’d believed he was just using the baby as a distraction but now she worried the old man was taking this attachment too far, he’d even taken the baby on his duties around the estate. ‘charging around on a horse’ was no place for a baby he’d heard his sister scold. 

“Yes” Orrick grumbled “I suppose we should to go” 

Christopher nodded in agreement, no need to alienate Daniel more than they had. If they where to ever gain the new kings favour after voting against him, they had to at least appear to be supportive. 

“So Im going to cut to the chase” Orrick began. 

“Cut to the chase.. didn’t I visit with you? You make it sound like a was summoned” 

“Yes I know, but I need to know what’s going on… then you can tell me what ever you came here for” Orrick replied, in a manner that made Christopher’s heart sink he knew a telling off when it was coming. 

“Is it true you bedded this new noblewoman’s daughter?” 

“Well im glad you felt you could be so direct about it” 

“Don’t be smart” Orrick snapped “Why Christopher? What on earth where you thinking? The whole kingdoms talking about it” 

“Daniel should learn to be more discreet” Christopher retorted. 

“You should learn to keep it in you god damn pants” Orrick fumed. “Does Maegan know?” 

“Yes” Christopher replied “I told her” 

“That poor girl, why? Christopher why? You know she’s too good for you?” 

“Yes I’m well aware” he replied sharply, explaining himself to Maegan was one thing but as a grown man explaining himself to his father was quite another. 

“Are we looking at a fallout from the girls family?” he asked sternly. 

“I don’t expect so” 

“Well I just don’t know what to say, I’m just mystified at how you are my son sometimes”  Christopher remained silent, he was used to his fathers scolding’s but this time it seemed different, perhaps it was because he was married now? Rather than anger he seemed disappointed, no doubt due to fact that Orrick was clearly fond of Maegan. 

“Im sorry” was all Christopher managed to mumble. 

“Well no point running over it I suppose” Orrick decided, “So what was it you needed to talk to me about?” 

“I think Anya should come home” 

“Home why?” 

“She’s not dealing with Nicoles death well… “ Christopher replied deciding last minute against telling his father about Bailey as he would undoubtedly get the blame for that. 

“Do you think any of us are?” Orrick replied “Emily is causing me more than enough trouble”   

“I know.. but I think she’d benefit from being near her sisters. Raeanne told me about Emily dropping the baby, perhaps Emily could come home with me instead, if being near the baby seems to much for her right now” 

“Nonsence, Emily is right where she needs to be… she just needs some time, she’ll come around and when she does I want to be near enough to listen” 

“Still I think Anya would benefit from being at home” 

“What am I supposed to do with her?” Orrick replied. 

“Be there for her as well I suppose… I think she could use her fathers shoulder as well. Also I was wondering is there no chance that you could re-consider allowing her to marry Lorcan as planned, Have you told Valdermar your cancelling the arrangement?” 

“No not yet” Orrick nodded “I was waiting to see how things settled now Holly was there, but I can’t say im too keen there are strange things going on in Brightden and with Valdermar, I’ve never seen an estate with such a high mortality rate. Why anyway? isn’t she getting along with Maegan?” 

“The girls get along fine, im just not sure the Hallows is a place for a woman” 

“Maegan is fitting in” 

“Maegan has me” 

“What when your not gallivanting off with other women” Orrick snorted in disgust. 

Christopher choosing to ignore the slight, sighed “I just mean, Anya is alone much of the time when Maegan is with me. It’s lonely for her and besides im just not sure all women are suited to remaining single” 

“What do you mean by that??” 

“I just mean I think Anya has hopes of children and I don’t think she’s like Raeanne happy to dote on other peoples” 

“Raeanne has her own, Skye” 

“Yes I know but she was always happy enough as Kaitlyns lady in waiting and I think she would have been happy if she’d never had children of her own. Anya is not happy and I think she’d appreciate it if you could arrange a husband for her” 

“Lorcan Baeumont is not a suitable husband” Orrick replied. 

“Says who? He might not be like Valdermar” Christopher reasoned, “he’s spend most of his life growing up in the barracks away from Valdermars influence besides have you ever spoken to the boy?” 

“No I haven’t” Orrick growled, “I just don’t think it’s a very sensible idea” 

“Is there anyone else then?” 

“Do you think I haven’t tried?” Orrick retorted “No-ones willing to consider her. 

“No-one at all?” 

Orrick sighed “I’ve got Danson coming to dinner later in the week you could bring her over then. I was going to suggest Raeanne for him, as he’s already rejected the idea of Anya but perhaps she can impress him more than I could so I guess it’s worth a shot” 

“Why did he reject her, was it the money?” 

“No.. “ Orrick replied “He was very gracious of course and didn’t really say it, but I got the impression he was holding out for a more prestigious matching.. which is why I thought perhaps Raeanne might suit him better at least her mothers a noblewoman” 

Christopher nodded “And what does Raeanne make of the idea” 

“Well I haven’t really told her yet, you know how she gets. She’d think me meddling” 

“She didn’t like the idea of moving to the barracks with Thomas, what makes you think she’ll like Danson any better?” 

“Well she’s been living in a cabin in the woods the past few years this has got to suit her better than that surely” 

“I suppose” he replied, wondering how Raeanne was going to take the news. “So would you mind if I bought Anya?   

“Not really, either would provide a link to his family, he’s a good man it’s a relationship I’d like to expand on, especially if we are ever to get Daniel off the throne”

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  1. I really like Orrick…(that’s all for now) :)

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