Not That Innocent

Christopher had been sleeping when he felt the gentle shake, at first he’d thought perhaps it was maid waking him for morning, but he quickly realised the voice was much gentler much more timid than the battleaxe of a housekeeper or the elderly maid his father had lumbered him with in an attempt to make them undesirable to him. No this voice came from someone else. 

“Chris… Chris” 

“Maegan?” he asked opening his eye’s reaching for the lamp which he kept turned down he turned it up allowing light to flood into the room. Seeing her standing there in her nightgown a smile slowly drew across his face, the light from the lamp perfectly silhouetted her shining though the flimsy nightgown allowing him to see the untainted curves of her body. 

Since he’d returned from the mainland he’d noticed she’d matured and filled out, curves developing in the right places, but it was always so hard to tell how much. The corsets and gowns she often wore where designed to pull her body into shape, but here she stood her frame un-molested by corsetry and the light of the lamp allowing him full view that she may as well have stood naked before him. He surprised to find that she’d developed far better than he had hoped. So much so that for a briefest of moments he had to remind himself she was still just thirteen to stop him pulling her into the bed with him. 

“Why are you smiling?” she asked nervously. 

“I can see right though your nightgown” he grinned, appreciating watching the colour flood to her cheeks as it so often did when anything of a sexual nature was mentioned. 

“Oh…” Suddenly her stance changed, it became awkward and embarrassed, she clearly understood that it was the light of the lamp which made it possible and moved to pull away from it. 

“Spoil sport” he jested “So to what to I owe the midnight visit?” 

“Anya … i’ve just heard.. she has Bailey in her room” 

“Blast” Christopher cursed any thoughts of developing the physical side of their relationship quickly dissipating. Climbing from the bed he hunted around the room looking for his pants noticing suddenly that Maegan was now watching him. “Seen something interesting?” he asked. 

Maegan shook her head furiously and Christopher chuckled amused that she seemed mortified he’d caught her looking. Finding his pants he perched on the end of the bed to pull them on, followed by his tunic up over his head. “Go back to bed” he instructed heading towards the adjoining room that lead to her door “I’ll sort this out” 

Heading though Maegans room and into the servants wing Christopher quickly made his way to Anya’s chambers. Without bothering to knock he burst in not wanting to give the pair time to stop what ever they where doing. 

Reaching the other side he paused, the sight was not however what he had expected. Sure enough Anya was in her nightgown but Bailey sat fully dressed the pair of them playing … chess! 

His anger suddenly dissipated, he’d expected to find them in some sort of lued embrace and the innocence of the scene threw him completely off his stride. “what are you doing?” he demanded. 

“What does it look like?” Anya retorted, not even standing from the chess set.

“Im sorry” Bailey apologised “I know I shouldn’t be here, I know it looks bad” 

“Not as bad as I expected” Christopher admitted “So what’s going on?” 

“Anya said she could beat me at chess.. I didn’t believe her” Bailey explained quickly “We knew you wouldn’t let me in the house … soo… “ 

“So you snuck in, in the middle of the night?” Christopher finished. 

“Nothing else was going to happen honest Chris” Anya begged “I just wanted to prove I could beat him” 

“So who’s winning?” 

“We’ve only just started” 

“You know I can’t let this happen. Bailey you are going to have to leave” he instructed. Bailey nodded picking up his things he headed towards the door. 

“This is so unfair” Anya complained “We weren’t even doing anything wrong” 

“Wrong” Christopher baulked “Sneaking a boy into your room regardless of your intentions is wrong” 

“I know.. but it wasn’t really wrong” she insisted, watching as Bailey disappeared out of sight. 

“Anya i’m really worried for you, I think it’s time you went back to live with father im sure he could use the help with the baby” 

Anya let out a dramatic drawn out sigh, designed only to highlight her dissatisfaction. “It’s so not fair. I have no friends here, your ALWAYS with Maegan and the only people my age are chase and Bailey who you won’t let me be friends with” 

“It’s not you being friends with them im worried about” Christopher insisted “If you recall it wasn’t so long ago you where caught in a somewhat improper embrace with that young man” 

“It’s not fair” she whined standing up with a clatter as though she was about to throw a tantrum, but instead she simply burst into tears “No-one cares about me.. all they care about is You and Maegan, they just dumped me here to get rid of me the only person who ever cared about me is dead” 

“Thats not true” Christopher replied unsure what to say now his sister was crying, he was never much good when it came to emotional woman. In some ways she was right, she had been dumped here, not for her own well being but because his father had wanted to display to the other noblemen that he could provide well for his son and his royal wife. 

The hallows was a desolate place at the best of times away from anything remotely considered real civilisation the only people who lived here where Jed and his farm and a couple of hunters none of them suitable companions for Maegan or his sister. Especially at this difficult time Anya had just lost her mother and he doubted anyone had considered her feelings about the matter, she’d just been left to make the best of it. 

“I’m sorry” he replied “I’ll get Maegan perhaps she can sit with you”

“I don’t want Maegan” Anya sobbed “I don’t want any of you.. I want my mother and it’s all your fault I wasn’t with her. When the runner came you and Maegan and father all left .. no-one came for me, no-one told me she was dying” 

“We didn’t know” Christopher replied stunned by the outburst. 

“You didn’t care” Anya retorted “No one ever cares.. they just expect me to get on with it, well I’m .. I’m friends with Bailey and you can’t stop me!”

One response to “Not That Innocent

  1. Aww, poor Anya. :( She really is getting lost in the shuffle in this family. Between Emily acting out, and Nicole dead, and Holly contemplating suicide, and baby Matilda probably still needing medical care …

    I don’t blame Anya for feeling lost and unloved, I really don’t. And no wonder she latches onto Bailey. He’s certainly sympathetic and a good listener, which is what I would imagine that Anya needs right now.

    Also, Maegan and Chris at the beginning of the chapter were way too cute. :)

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