Meagan Wants To Stay

Maegan entered the dining room to find Christopher already having breakfast, he didn’t look up but continued to eat as though she wasn’t even there. 

Making her way over to her seat she suddenly noticed the small wooden coffer sitting beside her place. Tentatively she lifted the lid but her heart sank as her fears where confirmed and she found it to be full of small golden coins. 

“I told you, you could have it back” Christopher replied “I’ll also take you to the church and i’ll tell the priest all he needs. That way you don’t have to go though the indignity of an examination” 

Maegan felt her eye’s welling, this was not what she’d intended at all. “What will your father say?” was all she managed to mumble though it wasn’t really the words she’d intended either. She wanted to apologise tell him she was sorry and that she hadn’t meant it but his eye’s where cold as he stared at her across the room and the words seemed unavailable. 

“I have learned my father is likely to be unhappy regardless of what I do” Christopher replied “This has nothing to do with him” 

Maegan nodded, she racked her head for a way to explain this wasn’t what she’d wanted, she wanted to tell him how she’d said it to force a reaction because she was scared he’d never find her ‘old enough’ or ‘ready’ how she’d feared that if she hadn’t done something he was always going to see her as a child, unready and an unsuitable wife, while he gallivanted off with other woman, but instead she sat and said nothing at all. 

“Do you know where you are going to go?” he asked “Will Daniel take you back at the castle or will you need to go to your mothers?” 

She shrugged, with no honest clue to the answer, for she’d not thought that far ahead. 

“Well you can stay here until you work it out” he offered, she could tell he was hurt and it made the features of his face taught and angry, but though that his words and his eye’s told her he was still ultimately concerned for her well fair, and that could only mean one thing.

He didn’t hate her. 

“I don’t want to leave” she blurted out suddenly, for want of a better way to explain herself. 

“I thought you did? I thought you said that if I didn’t consummate you where leaving” he replied sternly. 

“I know” she squeaked “But I don’t want too.. I just thought if I said that then you would. Then maybe if I was servicing your needs you’d have no need for other women. I just don’t want to share you” the words pouring out in an uncontrollable torrent. 

Christopher paused his features softening “I can understand that” he said finally “And I only told you about her because I wanted to make things right” 

“I guessed, but I also think you would feel less need for those releases if I kept your interest. I am more grown than you think, and I am willing to learn how to please you” 

“Maegan you are not ready for that world yet” Christopher replied, with a strange sort of smile. 


“Your just not” 

“I don’t understand” she admitted “Anya is ready, she’s not that much older than me” 

“Anya is not ready” he growled “Anya thinks she is ready and that is a whole world different. If she knew what was good for her she’d leave men well alone” 

“I just mean, she’s old enough to have an interest in boys” she explained quickly “Not that she should be doing what she’s doing…“ 

“I understand more than you think I do” he reasoned, “You think I don’t see you as a woman, but I do.. or at least I am starting too. I have noticed that you are starting to become interested in boys but I just didn’t want to rush you, I wanted it to evolve naturally and hoped it would lead you to me” 

“But it has” she replied, her voice wavering slightly “That’s why I don’t want you with other women” 

Christopher sighed and there was a short pause. “I thought you where mearly bothered by your pride, what other people would think.. I thought your interest still lay with Bailey” 

“No” she whispered “Not since you taught me to ride” 

“So” he sighed deeply “Then perhaps I was correct yesterday, it’s time we started acting like we intend to be more than just friends. Perhaps my biggest mistake was thinking that I needed to decide when you where ready, I realise now its not my decision after all, but yours it’s my job to simply not rush it. 

“So I can stay?” she asked nervously. 

“Yes you can stay, on one condition. The condition you come riding with me this afternoon?” 

Maegan smiled “I’d like that”

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