Christopher is Pushed

Christopher fell silent and it seemed an age to her before he spoke again. “Fine” he replied in a manner that made her cower he seemed angry, jaw clenched he moved himself towards her “let’s get on with it then” he growled. 

Maegan felt her bottom lip tremble she’d not meant to make him so angry she’d mearly wanted him to understand that she’d rather that, she wasn’t scare of it and that if it would keep him home with her that she was ready, but now as he glowered at her though the dim light of the room she suddenly realised how scared she was. 

“So is this how you want it?” he asked, as he climbed on top of her his tone harsh “Me angry and you scared?” 

Maegan shook her head, as he grabbed her wrists tightly. This was not how she’d wanted it at all. 

“Do you realise what an unpleasant experience forcing me to take you now will be?” he asked glaring down at her. He didn’t really wait for an answer “It would hurt far more than it ought, you will cry and I would not be satisfied at the end of it. So tell me Maegan what exactly do you expect it to change?” he demanded jolting the bed, the pressure on her wrists hurting. 

Maegan let out an involuntary yelp but couldn’t answer, tears flowing freely she shook with fear and panic. 

“One night with you is not going to change my faithfulness, no matter how much you hope it will” 

“I…I…” she mumbled unable to reply. 

“It will not change how I feel about your age, forcing me to do this would only make me hate you and when it was over you would be trapped and I would never need to lie with you again” he hissed. 

“I suppose” she sobbed knowing what he said to be true and was relieved as he rolled off her. 

“If I wanted to trap you here with me, right now I could” he growled, climbing out of the bed his back turned “A girls virginity in the eye’s of the church is the easiest thing in the world to take. Did you even think how you would go about proving your position?” 

Maegan shook her head, even though she knew he couldn’t see her. 

“Two fingers and it’s mine, you would not be able to prove that I didn’t take you fully” he replied “however I am not that sort of man, so help me god Maegan if you want an annulment go seek it, I will not stop you leaving. I’ll even return your dowry, but don’t you EVER threaten me again” And with that he stormed back towards his room, slamming the door behind him without so much as looking back. 

A grunt followed by a sudden crash rang out from behind the closed door, as something was launched or knocked, more evidence of how angry she’d made him. 

Left alone Maegan couldn’t help but sob, they came out freely in shuddered gasps and somehow she knew she’d damaged the relationship irrevocably. She hadn’t meant to cause him to hate her but in the few moments he’d been trying to scare her, the anger had been clear in his eye.

One response to “Christopher is Pushed

  1. Poor Maegan… she finally found the courage to stand up for herself and she gets crushed,,,

    Well… I also like these two toguether so I hope things will get better

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