Matilda Takes A Tumble.

Emily stared at the baby in the crib, she was sleeping soundly not a care in the world. The same could not be said for Emily, Nicole’s second daughter to Orrick Emily had just turned 12, just turned 12 and watch her mother die in the same week.


Her father had not permitted her in the room when it had actually happened of course but she’d been there right up to the moment her father had made the decision. Made the decision to murder her mother that was, and for that she was never going to forgive him. 

Reaching into the crib she picked up the tiny baby who stirred and opened up her eye’s. Emily stared down at her whole body trembling such a small creature had caused so much trouble. 

 I’ll never forgive you either, you’re the reason my mothers dead, you might have everyone else convinced it wasn’t your fault but not me, never me. You’re the one that should be dead. 

With that the baby suddenly slipped from her arms crashing down upon the hard wood floor, with a crack. Matilda began to scream and Emily froze. 

“Emily what did you do??” Raeanne scolded as she ran into the room to the screaming baby, scooping her up Emily watched as her sister looked over the baby making sure she was ok. 

“What happened?” Orrick demanded a few moments later when he arrived on the scene. 

“Emily dropped her” Raeanne explained. 

“I didn’t mean too” Emily whimpered. 

“Of course you didn’t” Orrick replied, placing an arm reassuringly on her shoulder peering over to where Raeanne was finishing her examination. “Is she alright?” he asked concerned. 

“She seems to be” the older girl replied rocking the baby in her arms to try and calm her down. “Emily what where you doing?” she growled now that the immediate emergency was over. 

“It was an accident” Emily sobbed, unable to stop her self crying. 

“No it wasn’t Raeanne scowled “I watched you drop her” 

“I didn’t mean too” 

“Why? Emily Why?” Raeanne demanded “She just a baby” 

“Now now.. lets calm down” Orrick interrupted, “Now I’m sure Emily didn’t mean to drop her.. after all that would be a terrible thing to do” 

Emily didn’t answer her eye’s turning to the floor. I hate her and I hate you, she thought angrily to herself. 

“Did you Emily?” he father pushed “You didn’t mean to drop her did you?” she didn’t answer she just ran.


2 responses to “Matilda Takes A Tumble.

  1. Poor little baby! None of this is her fault. I hope Matilda really is ok, and doesn’t just look ok.

    At the same time, I don’t blame Emily for being angry … anger is a normal part of grief even when you can’t logically point fingers at anybody. Emily can definitely point a finger at Orrick, even if it really wasn’t his fault either. He just did what he had to do to save one of them.

    I just hope Emily can someday get over her anger, and the sooner the better … Orrick’s an elder and we know that the evil death calculator doesn’t like elders any more than it likes pregnant women. :(

  2. The evil death calulator doens’t like anyone at all this round.

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