Little Angel

Maegan rocked the small baby in her arms, she’d been unsettled and had the young woman up for most of the night. She was feeding well and Daria seemed to think she was growing with strength with every passing day so it seemed to Maegan that the worst was over. 

Orrick it seemed was not ready to be a father to the little girl yet, He’d ask how the baby was if he saw Maegan in the corridors but he didn’t make purposeful visits. Maegan understood that it wasn’t that he shunned her just that he had been so swept up in his own grief, he wasn’t ready to love her just yet. 

Maegan wandered around the makeshift nursery that had been hastily thrown together till Mildreds permanent room was finished.

She found herself oddly missing Christopher. She struggled to reconcile the facts, they still hardly knew each other but there it was in black and white.  As cute as this little angel was she missed her husband and wanted to get home to him, to finish what they’d started, getting to know one another. 

Matilda wiggled as though to get her attention screwing up her face as though about to cry again “Don’t cry” she soothed, “I know things seem bad now but you have a papa who loves you very much” 

“You suit motherhood” a voice suddenly spoke. Maegan span as she’d not heard anyone enter to find Orrick standing in the doorway. 

“How are you feeling?” she asked gently. 

“I’ve been better” he admitted “How is she? Daria says she seems better” 

“Come and see” Maegan smiled holding out the baby so her father could look at her. 

Orrick took some tentative steps into the room, meeting Maegan half way. “She looks like her mother” he nodded “All the girls do” 

“Would you like to hold her?” Orrick seemed unsure “I think you should” she prompted. 

Orrick took the small baby in his arms, he wasn’t clumsy like most men she’d seen holding babys, he’d evidently spent a great deal of time with his children when they where young. “I think Emily blames me” he said suddenly. 

“What for? Nicole?” He nodded, Maegan could see he was fighting to control himself “She’s upset, she lost her mother she’ll come around” 

“Do you think I should have given her more time? Maybe if I’d left it.. maybe she would have been all right” 

“Orrick please don’t do this to yourself, it was a very hard choice for any man to make. You did what you needed to do, if you hadn’t we would have lost this little one too” she smiled reassuringly allowing Matilda to grasp at her fingers. 

Her heart went out to him, it was rare amongst noblemen to find men who loved their wives as much as Orrick clearly had and even though she’d not had chance to spend much time with her inlaws together they had always seemed so happy together. 

“Maybe.. “

“Nicole would have wanted you to keep this angel safe, I didn’t know her very well but I get the impression she would have died for any one of her children” 

“I know you are right” Orrick sighed. 

“im always right” Maegan giggled “Didn’t you know? I take after my mother, and she is ‘always’ right. “Now enough of this, come and sit down” she demanded guiding him towards the chair “ Matilda needs some love from her papa and I have a feeling her papa could do with some love from her” 

Orrick nodded settling himself down in the seat, looking at his daughter truly for the first time. “What shall I tell her?” he asked “About her mother?” 

“Tell her her mama loved her very dearly” Maegan smiled, leaving Orrick and the baby alone.

2 responses to “Little Angel

  1. Aww, this was so sweet. It practically brought tears to my eyes. I think Maegan is going to make a great mom someday. (Just like her mama before her!)

    And being always right will certainly help in the realm of motherhood.

    I’m a little bit confused though. I thought, in the earlier post, you gave the baby’s name as Matilda? And now she’s Mildred? Which is it? :-?

    Other than that, though, great post, and I think that Orrick will (eventually) be fine, too, as long as he keeps loving all of his little (and not-so-little) girls and they keep loving him.

    • Doh stupid spelling… Sigh… it’s Matilda im having a dizzy day! far to many story’s in my head i was just reading another story with Mildred in it haha.


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