Siren’s Call

 Christopher opened his eye’s, ugh… what the hell happened..ugh.. remembering he suddenly wished he hadn’t. Rolling onto his back he held his his hand to his head.

“What did I do?” he cursed.

I guess some men where not meant to be faithful after all.  

His mind was fuzzy like waking in the morning with some incredible hangover but thinking back he knew he’s only drank one glass of wine with dinner and half a brandy he’d left in the lounge when he’d chased after Arabella. 

Trying to sit his head span forcing him back down, he remembered saying no to her, pushing her away when she kissed him when they reached the guest room.

Her lips they tasted of blood, it was repulsive and she was cold, so cold it was like kissing a corpse. 

“Ugh” he let out a drawn out sigh.

Barely a month and he’d already let his wife down he’d not intended to promise her something he could not give, he’d honestly thought he could be faithful to her and he now felt horrified at how easily he’d been swayed. 

He remembered pushing Arabella away, telling her no, he couldn’t do what she was suggesting. Not only because of Maegan, but she was a guest in his house, the king was negotiating peace in the other room it was unthinkable.

He remembered storming from the room irritated and angry.. determined to go back to the lounge. 

So how exactly had he come to be here? How did they end up doing what they did? Now that he did not remember. 

How was it that he didn’t remember why or how he ended up in this position but remembered the act it’s self?

He remembered how her skin had warmed beneath his touch. The whole thing had been so conflicted even though his mind screamed at him to leave his body had not complied taken up in the moment he’d succumbed to her whim like she held him under a spell. 

Climbing from the bed his legs buckled beneath him leaving him him floundering on the floor.

“What the hell did she do to me?” he muttered for the first time in his life being truly terrified. He felt so cold but the sun streaming in from the window told him that he should be hot.

Regaining his feet he stumbled to the washbasin splashing his face trying to rid his mind of the flashbacks it seemed intent on inflicting on him.

They had done .. things … things he’d never had a woman allow before, it had been like she knew his every desire and led him to fulfil it. 

However for all she’d allowed and encouraged for all they had done something about it had been wrong terribly terribly wrong….

He racked his brain trying to put his finger on it, it was like it had been too perfect to well executed. It was souless…. that was it… souless. 

For all the woman he had slept with, it was the imperfections the mistakes the human element that made those encounters special. This had none of that.. no mistakes, no fumbling.. no fear of rejection or insecurity’s. He’d never met a woman so confident in her own skin. It was like she knew he could not turn her away.

It had all been horridly wrong, terrifyingly so. Like the sailors of story’s steering their ships towards the rocky shores flowing the siren song even though they knew it meant certain death.

But of all the things which scared him, the blood, the coldness of her touch and the way she seemed to read his mind.  

The thing that scared him most was the fact that he knew he had to see her again.

2 responses to “Siren’s Call

  1. *shudders* Oh, man. I think I feel worse for Chris than for Maegan.

    I almost want to call what Arabella did to Chris a kind of rape. The fact that he doesn’t remember what happened between pushing her away and falling into bed with her really, really makes me wonder what she did to his head. And he was repulsed by her the whole time … he’s lost a lot of blood and he’s a bit woozy, and he still knows that she’s bad news!

    Gah. That vampire is creep-tastic. Somehow I’m not surprised that Chris wants to see her again … but I wish I could believe that he actually wanted to see her again, and not something she implanted in his head. :(

    (By the way, I love the last few paragraphs! “The thing that scared him most was the fact that he knew he had to see her again” hit me right between the eyes. I’m almost as horror-struck as Chris!)

  2. I feel a very small bit of symathy for Chris—very, very small. I think he should keep Maegan as far away from Arabella as possible. And when he says he HAS to see her again hopefully that is only in a business sort of way…if not then that is pretty sick.

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