A familiar tug told Arabella she was being summoned, it was time to go. Things had not gone according to plan and she’d been forced to improvise she only hoped Siren wouldn’t been too upset. 

Peeling herself from the bed, she took a look back before hurriedly locating her clothing. She hadn’t been bought here to bed the young lord, still he hadn’t complained and she’d given him a night he wouldn’t soon forget.

No human woman could give a man, what she had given him this night and it had certainly distracted him from the blood she’d vomited, while giving her chance to feed and replace it.  Vampire stomach’s where not designed to hold food of the mortal variety and while she had managed to force it down, it had not been willing to stay any longer than it had.

Hurrying to do up the fastenings she struggled with the corset, even with all her vampric ability’s she found herself frustrated by it, it seemed they where not designed to be done up without aid. Giving up on the binding’s she resigned herself to throwing the gown on over the top and hoping no one noticed the awkward way it sat. 

In life Arabella had been one of the finest courtesan’s, taken from her family as a child she’d been trained to please a man in all way humanly possible and had excelled at her craft. 

Her life however took an unexpected turn soon after her 18th birthday when she was sold into the service of a young and arrogant king by the name of Mathis and unlike her previous masters he did not treat her kindly. After one beating too many she turned on him, stabbing him thought the heart with a hairpin while he slept and act for which she never felt remorse.

She fled the castle and spent a few months living on the run, earning coin with her trade where she could, never staying in one place too long. Then she met a traveller, a warrior poet he was dark and mysterious passionate and intriguingly very different from other men. She soon realised exactly how different he was. 

The rest as it where was history. 

Awakened into her new life she and her sire wandered. Experiencing life, though books and poetry and truth be told a fair amount of blood, as he taught her to hone her skills in the new life he had given her. 

Her sire died, 5 years ago in a battle against another of his clan who killed him to take his power. She herself barely escaped intact wandering alone she stumbled upon Siren’s domain. 

The Toreador offered her shelter in exchange for service, heralding from one of the more warrior like clans Arabella’s duties usually involved killing but not tonight, tonight she’s been asked to come along and play at being human. 

Continuing to fasten the ties on her on gown she gazed at where Christopher lay sleeping, he looked so fragile.  Humans where so fragile she reminded herself of the number of times during the early years she’d accidenly broken her playmates.

Super natural strength was amoungst the clan ability’s she had gifted upon her embrace it was one of the reasons her clan made such fearsome fighters, but it had certainly meant some of her more subtitle skills had required some relearning. 

During her time in Grimstead, Siren had spent a great deal of time teaching her about the desires of men as seen from a vampires perspective and for all she’d known as a human, she’d learned tenfold since she’d been with the Toreador prince. 

As a vampire she could hone in on his heartbeat, better judging the situation than any mortal woman could, reading his body and his passion and to some degree she could even read his soul to know exactly what to do and when, making her the perfect lover pleasuring a man in a way he never thought possible and that was just what she’d done this evening, given Christopher a night he would not soon forget.

Straightening her gown and hair, she lent forward and stroked the young nobleman’s head. “Sweet dreams” she whispered “I do hope we meet again” 

She’d enjoyed this encounter more than most, it had been a long time since she enjoyed the experience beyond the simple joy of feeding. It hadn’t been the usual fumblings of men, he’d clearly been well practised, but more than that he seemed to read her as well as she read him, finding in her what she thought had been lost when she’d been turned.

She steadied herself contemplating for a moment asking Siren for permission to turn him. It was an idiotic notion, one Siren would never allow but she found herself oddly aroused and yet disturbed by how much he’d gotten under her skin.  

Hurrying out into the corridor she allowed Siren’s call to pull her to where her mistress sat waiting with the young soon to be king and Vincent. 

“It’s time to leave” Siren instructed. 

Arabella nodded, watching as Daniel drew near “Where’s Christopher?” he asked. 

“He… I was unwell” she replied “He took care of me” 

Daniel’s face dropped, watching the gave of his eyes Arabella noticed some of the ribbons from her corset hanging out from beneath the line of her dress. She tucked them in quickly but it was too late Daniel appeared to have already seen them and already drawing conclusions. 

A few minutes later Arabella, Siren and Vincent settled into their coach and it pulled out onto the country roads. 

“Bedding the man wasn’t the plan” Siren scowled. 

“I had to improvise” Arabella retorted angrily “It’s your own fault, im not one of you.. you get me up in the middle of the day, force me into a corset and then drag me off into a coach to some humans home… and if that all weren’t enough you expect me to make my way from the coach to the house in broad daylight. What the hell did you expect” 

“The sun was going down” Siren laughed “So dramatic are you sure you aren’t Toreador”  but Arabelle did not see the humour, true enough she could survive for a few minutes before her skin begain to peel and burn, but even that 2 minute walk under the shade of a parsol had been agonising with every step.  

“It still hurt” she growled “Perhaps I should show you how much” 

Siren didn’t seem bothered by the threat, chuckling “You spent time training with Hector haven’t you?” 

“How exactly having an angry Gangrel hit you repeatedly for hours is supposed to prepare you for sunlight I have no idea” she growled.

“Your not dust are you?” Vincent smiled. 

Arabella grunted, knowing what he said was true many kindred would have died from the suns rays before they even managed to get out of the coach.

“Then what was with dinner, dinner for crying out loud I haven’t eaten solid food for 30 years” Arabella she cursed “I think you forget I’m not of your clan, I’m not used to faking it” 

“I thought faking it was all you did” Siren chuckled. 

“Oh come on Siren” Vincent replied softly “She didn’t do badly considering, Carolyn wouldn’t have gotten to dinner without a disruption” 

“That is why we didn’t bring Carolyn” Siren replied sternly. 

“Still I think credit is due, her clan are prone to frenzy at the best of time and considering her ‘disadvantage’ she did remarkably well” Vincent smiled reassuringly in her direction. “She didn’t kill him, which is more than many her age could claim” 

Siren sighed “Still she shouldn’t have bedded him” 

“I had too” she replied, “I lost all the blood when I regurgitated the food, I needed to feed” 

“Feeding and bedding are not the same thing” 

“I needed to distract him” Arabella replied defensively “I cant re-write memories the way you can bedding him was the easiest way” 

Siren sighed “Still don’t you think bedding her husband is going to make befriending Maegan more difficult?” 

“She wasn’t there, at least this way I have assured my re-invitation” Arabella pointed out. 

“You think he’ll seek you out again?” 

“They always do” she smiled.

4 responses to “Improvise

  1. So Christopher lasted… what? Thirteen days? is that a record?

    And I really hope this Arabella chick doesn’t stick around very long.

  2. Well that sucks. I am disappointed in Chris. I don’t really care if “it was the times”…didn’t he just tell Maegan she would be the only one or something indicating that now that they were married? YUCK.

  3. I can’t say I’m really surprised that Chris didn’t last that long … I am a little bit surprised that he fell into bed with her 10 minutes after realizing just how long he was going to have to go without, though. Apparently the realization was just too much for him. ;)

    However, I’m almost — almost — willing to give him a pass on Arabella. Not only is she a vampire with all that entails (and under the tutelage of Clan Toreador), she used to be a courtesan. That’s almost too much to throw at a man (or woman!) and expect him/her to remain faithful. I’m just very tickled that Chris impressed her as much as she impressed him.

    I also like that Mathis — if he’s Henry’s big brother Mathis — did get his in the end. :)

    But still, Arabella wants to befriend Maegan … oh, that poor girl. She’s about to be in a whole mess of trouble, isn’t she?

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