The Trouble With Food Is!

Christopher remained quiet though dinner preferring to watch the interactions of his guests with Daniel. The young soon to be king made a few error’s of judgement revealing more to his guests about his own kingdom that a more experienced king would have, but other than that managed to handle himself with reasonable grace. 

This was not however the time for Christopher to interfere with the decisions of his king or even the discussions that went on at the table. Whether or not Daniel accepted this new fief into his lands was Daniels decision alone and one he would make after lengthy discussions with noblemen far more powerful than Christopher. 

As mearly the host Christopher simply used the time to watch his guests. See if he could learn anything that Daniel would miss from their manner, perhaps something that would reveal them as more than they appeared to be. 

The two nobles seemed reasonably genuine watching he looked for signs that perhaps they where not nobility as they claimed, looking for mannerisms or turn of phrase that would reveal them to be of the lower class but found none, infact by the time dinner was over about all he was convinced of was that neither of these pair had ever lived in anything but the finest of homes being waited on by the finest of staff and where used to having things done their way. 

Arabella was a different kettle of fish entirely however, by the end of dinner the one thing he was sure of was that she was not Sara’s daughter at least not from birth anyway. While Sara and Vincent ate their meal and chatted endlessly to Daniel perfectly at home in their surroundings, Arabella fussed uncomfortably. 

She fussed with the dress and seemed uncomfortable in the corset, her use of the cutlery was clumsy at best. However the oddest thing of all was that baring a few forced mouthfuls, hardly any of the food or drink crossed her lips and what little had, seemed to have have almost pained her.. in-fact on one occasion she seemed to take a mouthful and hold it there for what seemed like an age before forcing it down. 

After dinner they all retired to the lounge, but no sooner had they arrived Arabella made her excuses and darted off, Sara and Vincent exchanged concerned glances but remained seated. 

“I’ll check on her” Christopher offered. 

“No no she’ll be fine” Sara smiled “She’s just at an awkward age, she’ll be back in a few minutes.” 

“She’s a guest in my house” he insisted, heading towards the door unable to shake the feeling that there was more going on than they where telling. 

Reaching the hallway he made his way down the the closet room, arriving outside he listened carefully. Inside he could hear Arabella vomiting, it was a long drawn out noise amazing really that a person could expel that much from their stomach in one retch. 

“Are you all right” he called. 

Suddenly the noise stopped. “I’m fine, thank you” came the reply. 

“Do you need anything?” 


“A glass of water perhaps” 

“No honestly I’m fine” she replied. 

She sounded panicked and the hair’s bristled on the back of his neck, a pregnancy perhaps? One she was trying to keep from her mother? “Are you sure.. can I help? Anything at all?” 

Suddenly the door swung open, and she stood in it’s opening she looked pale.. paler in fact. It was the one thing he’d noticed about her was in-fact how pale her complexion had been and now after vomiting it seemed even paler almost translucent the vein’s in her face visible beneath the skin“You look unwell” he nodded “Are you sure I can’t get you anything” 

“I’m fine” she smiled weakly. 

Then he noticed it, blood on the edge of the closet stool and a touch on her lips. “Vomiting blood is not usually a good sign” he replied wearily “can I get you a doctor” 

The young woman sighed “I’m sorry a doctor can’t help” 

“Your mother then?” 

“No no… “ she replied, looking faint “Is there somewhere I can lie down?” 

“Yes of course” he nodded, taking her arm “This way” 

She slumped, heavily onto him allowing him to take much of her weight “Your wife is she not here?” she asked as they headed towards the guest quarters.

“No she’s still up at my fathers estate helping with my new sister” 

“Thats a shame” she replied weakly “I was hoping to meet her”

2 responses to “The Trouble With Food Is!

  1. Why did she want to meet Maegan?!

  2. I know, Crissawills! This doesn’t sound good at all for Maegan. :(

    And oy — I wonder if Chris might mention that she was vomitting blood to Daniel. (I mean, whatever reason she might have for it, morning sickness probably wouldn’t be it!) It might be enough to make Daniel suspicious, especially if Arabella doesn’t die or visibly grow weaker. I can’t imagine your average person back then who was vomitting blood would last very long …

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