First Experience

Orrick had had been restless the whole way back home, Maegan and Christopher had accompanied him just encase they where needed. Orrick had tried to hide obvious concern and although Christopher had not always been Nicoles biggest supporter he grown over the years and long since accepted that his father loved her very much. As  such he knew full well that if anything happened to her, his fathers distress would need to be contained. . 

“I wouldn’t worry” Maegan offered “It isn’t an exact science, Nicole must have gotten her dates mixed up” 

“I hope so” Orrick nodded unconvinced. 

“It will be alright” she smiled. 

“When we get there, you should go and see if you can help” Orrick suggested “it would be good for you to see how it’s done” 

Maegan nodded, but Christopher could tell she wasn’t thrilled with the idea. “Nicoles done this lots of times” she replied “it will most likely be over”  

“Yes.. yes your probably right” Orrick agreed “she went into labour hours ago and Brenna so was so quick, most likely this ones given birth to it’s self by now” 

Orrick barely waited for the coach to stop before he launched himself out of it sprinting up the drive way so fast, Christopher feared the old man was going to cause himself an injury. 

Catching up with him he watched as his father burst inside, stopping short as Nicole’s laboured cry’s echoed though the house. “It will be ok father” Christopher offered putting his hands on the old mans shoulder as much to hold him back as it was to comfort. “Maegan see if you can help” he instructed, watching as his wife nodded and hurried up the stairs. 

“She needs me” Orrick decided pulling himself forward as though he planned to follow. 

“Now father” Christopher urged holding him steady while trying to guide him towards the lounge “A birthing is no place for us” 

“But … “ 

“But nothing, we’ll just get in the way” Christopher insisted, taking no more arguments he practically forced this father into the lounge insisting he sat down and had a drink, pouring him a stiff brandy. 

Upstairs Maegan knocked on the door “It’s Maegan” she called, a few moments passed and Emily Christopher and Anyas younger sister opened the door. “Your father asked me to help” Emily nodded and allowed her to enter.  The dark room was stuffy, over on the bed Nicole looked laboured. Sweat dripping off her forehead she barely seemed to register Maegans presence, as another contraction took her.

Daria Orrick’s eldest girl was in attendance, as the noble midwife wasn’t expected on to the estate for several weeks and Daria often helped with birthings amongst the peasant folk. 

“How is she?” Maegan asked warily, aware that Daria seemed busy. 

“It’s been a long one” she replied, barely taking her eye’s from what was going on between Nicoles legs. “She’s tired” 

“Is she going to be alright?” Maegan asked fearfully. 

“Oh sweetheart, I’m going to be fine” Nicole panted, seeming to notice Maegan now and indicating that she should come closer. 

Maegan headed towards the bed, “Is there anything I can do?” she asked warily. 

“Is this your first?” Nicole asked, Maegan nodded noting how worn the noblewoman looked. “Don’t worry” Nicole reassured her, pausing suddenly as another contraction hit yelling out in pain. 

Maegans eye’s widened she’d been told of course labour was painful, but it wasn’t until she witnessed the effect it seemed to have on Nicole, that she realised what great effort was needed for birthing. Nicoles back arched her fingers clawing into the bed sheets it seemed to Maegan that if she’d been an injured animal someone would have killed it to save it from the misery. 

“Is this normal?” Maegan exclaimed feeling out of her depth and panicky. 

“Yes! Quite” Daria replied harshly “Get me that towel” She ordered pointing towards the linen square on the cupboard.

One response to “First Experience

  1. Hey, it’s Daria! We haven’t see you in a while! *waves*

    Anyway, fingers are DEFINITELY crossed for Nicole. If she’s having such a difficult time with this, her … what, sixth child? Things are not looking good, are they?

    And after this … I think, if both Nicole and the baby aren’t all right, Christopher’s going to have even more of an uphill battle winning his way into Maegan’s bed (once he decides she’s ready for it). “You want to do WHAT? No way! I’m not taking any risk of offspring and having to go through THAT!” ;)

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