Second Time Today

Running in out into the garden, Maegan cut straight across the grass heading for the stables, tears flooding down her face, stupid man just didn’t understand.

It wasn’t that he’d been with other women, she’d known that and expected it from the moment she’d walked into the Vaux household, since the first day she’d gone walking with Nicole. 

It wasn’t even that she was upset that he’d possibly continue to have mistress’s because as the nun’s had explained it that could be considered a benefit, after all having your husband pleasure himself with others would save you the continuing discomfort of baring child after child, allowing your focus your attention on the children you chose to have together. 

It was more than the fact that he’d lied, or that he’d had a relationship with her Aunt it was simply that for a man with such little moral character his refusal to take his own wife to bed could only mean one thing. 

There was something wrong with her. 

He lied, and continued to lie, she had proven time and again that he was a liar so for all his excuses about her being to young, the soothing words about him not being good enough for her about him wanting to wait till she was ready it was all a pathetic attempt to hide the truth the truth being simply that he did not find her a suitable wife. 

Bursting into stables where she hoped to find Bailey the one person who she knew cared for her, perhaps he’d run away with her, they could get a small farm, away from this place it would be terribly romantic. 

However entering the stables she came to a screeching halt, “Anya!” She exclaimed “Chase?” finding the pair in a heated embrace.

“Megs” Anya squeaked looking flushed pulling herself out of his arms. 

That was when she she noticed, Anya’s tryst was not with Chase at all. The boy Anya her friend, her confidant had been embracing, the boy she’d been kissing, the boy who’d had his hand all over Anya, was not Chase at all but boy had been ‘her’ Bailey. 

Straightening himself out Bailey went white as a sheet “Lady Vaux” he mumbled. “It’s not…”

She didn’t wait for his excuse and for the second time today Maegan fled.

3 responses to “Second Time Today

  1. Oh, NO!! Oh no, oh no! Poor Maegan!

    First she thinks she’s not good enough for her husband, then she finds her crush making out with the closest thing she has to a friend … oh, Maegan. My heart is breaking for her. And darn it all, I can’t reach through the screen and give her a big hug!

    :( I hope she’ll be all right eventually. And I hope wherever she’s fleeing to, it’s not going to put her in any danger.

  2. Pretty much everything Morgaine said…

    Wow I was wondering what Bailey was thinking…LOL wish we could get in his head. Poor Maegan she just can’t catch a break. Best thing for her is to go back to Chris and tell him all her insecurities and all that. Wish she could talk to her mom about this…maybe Nicole. Wish sim-me could give sim-Maegan a great big friendly hug right now…she needs it so bad :(

  3. Just a quick note to say i’m away now till saturday night so there won’t be an update tommorrow.

    As for the story yeah i think Maegan’s pretty gutted right about now, i don’t think i’ll be doing any Bailey POV posts as i think sometimes it takes the mystery out of a situation when you see it from all the charecters point of view.

    Right now im not 100% happy having this all seen from meagan and chris’s pov as it is because i feel it reveals to much and part of me thinks it might have been better leaving people wondering if the “other” one was invested in the marriage. So i think adding baileys / anya’s might take some of the fun out of it so i plan to leave thier point of views out of it for now

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