A Change of Riders

Maegan waited for Bailey to help her down from the horse, his aqua eye’s glinting as he smiled. “Come on then Milady” He nodded reaching up to catch her as she slipped down from the seat.

Her heart pounded as it always did when he was near, though as always with a little sadness as her daily ride came to an end. Allowing herself to fall into his arms she felt his hands on her waist the touch of his body next to hers and of course that smell, horsehair and earth. “Thank you Bailey” she smiled as he carefully placed her back on the floor and began to lead the horse back into the stables “Same again tomorrow?” 

“About that” he said turning back to face her, the horse back in it’s stall. “I think perhaps it’s time we ended our rides” 

“Why?” she asked, he heart sinking “I thought you enjoyed them”

“I do” Bailey nodded “but perhaps its time you spent that time riding with Christopher instead”

“I don’t want to ride with Christopher” she replied sadly, she didn’t even care that it wasn’t something she should admit. “I like riding with you”

“I know” Bailey nodded “And I like riding with you, but it was one thing me taking you out when there wasn’t another man to do it, but now Chris is home people will talk”

“Where not doing anything wrong” she interrupted “Nothing wrong at all” the panic rising it was the one thing she looked forward to all day. Bailey was the one person she felt liked her for her not because she was a noblewoman or because one day she’d provide noble baby’s or in Christopher’s case because his father told him he should.

“I know where not” Bailey grinned, “i know were just friend, but other people don’t think about things the way we do”

“I don’t want to stop our rides” Maegan begged, sure that she would simply die if she didn’t at least have that to look forward too. “Please, Christopher doesn’t think where up to no good, and if he doesn’t then no-one else matters”

Bailey sighed “Very well” he agreed, “but perhaps we should invite Anya in future”

“We both won’t fit on the horse” she replied confused.

“Then I’ll bring my brother” he smiled.

“Anya doesn’t like him much” she replied, remembering the ranting Anya had done, after her last encounter with Chase.

“Then Anya can ride with me” Bailey replied, “And you with Chase.. it will be fun, perhaps the four of us we could take a picnic?”

“Ride with Chase?” Maegan mumbled “You want me to ride with Chase?”

“Yes why not, he’s easily as good a rider as I am” Bailey grinned, “Besides if we are going to be friends, we need to placate Anya somehow”

One response to “A Change of Riders

  1. Oh my goodness. Maegan is so, so thirteen, and I mean that in the best possible way. Feeling like she’s going to die if she doesn’t get her rides with Bailey … that’s exactly how you do feel at that age. And I can’t tell whether Bailey is being wise beyond his years in refusing her, or if … well, if he’s thirteen too, and he just doesn’t get it.

    And the worst is, I think there’s a lot of validity to what Maegan is feeling, especially the part about Bailey being the only person who likes her for her. (To his credit, I think Chris is trying, but at the moment he still barely knows Maegan.) The only girlfriend she has was pretty much “bought” for her (I mean Anya, who was assigned as her lady-in-waiting). We don’t see her interacting with anyone else as friends — Maegan must be very, very lonely.

    If it weren’t for the fact that Tarik and Lucius are going to be storming Lars’s cottage any second now, I would suggest that maybe Maegan go spend some time with her mom and her half-sisters to clear her head a bit. However, I do not think a clear head is worth the possibility of being DEAD.

    Oh, oh! I just had an idea. What about Holly for a friend of Maegan? True, they’re nowhere near the same age (Holly is old enough to be her mother), but I think Holly would know a lot about being thrust into situations you aren’t prepared for, about being the subject of unpleasant rumors, about being completely isolated. They could really bond.

    And, if Holly is around Maegan, then hopefully she’ll be around Orrick too, and if Valdemar tries any funny business, then Orrick can be in a position to notice and go all homicidal-maniac on Valdemar’s behind. It’s a win-win situation!

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