Teenage Boy

Christopher sighed looking out of the window, he almost finished his work for the day and wanted to see if he could spot Maegan out on the horizon.

She’d gone riding that morning with Bailey something he’d been told she’d done a few times while he’d been away. He had no reason for concern but he was eager to see her home as the day’s light was almost gone. 

He still had no idea what she’d been upset about back at the castle, truth be told he hadn’t bothered to ask.  Figuring the fragile emotions of a teenage girl where one area, any man with any sense would avoid to tread. 

Since then she’d been oddly distant, but he hardly knew her it was hard to tell it she was normally this way, or if something bothered her still.

He didn’t understand women he decided, teenage girls even less, for all his experience in the bedchamber, he’d never had anything resembling a relationship. 

He’d never needed to hold a woman’s interest before or consider their feelings. While he wasn’t inconsiderate of his lovers there had simply never been the need to forge something lasting. When it came to Maegan truth be told he had no clue where to start being a friend to the girl never mind a husband. 

Noticing his sister pass by the study, he called out to her “Anya come here a minute” and when she reappeared “Is Maegan home?” he asked. 

“Not yet” Anya replied, “They will be home soon” she smiled. 

“Is it normal for her to be this late?” 

Anya nodded “It’s been known” 

“I don’t like it” Christopher replied more of a statement to himself than to her. 

“I’m sure their not up-to anything inappropriate” Anya she replied re-assuringly. 

He hadn’t even thought of that, “I meant I don’t like her being out after dark, it not safe.. why would you even suggest they’d be up to anything inappropriate?” 

“I don’t know” Anya replied quickly “I just thought that was what you meant” 

“Well it wasn’t” he snapped. “but while were on the subject why don’t you tell me exactly how often they do go out together?” 

Anya’s face dropped, “erm. I don’t know” 

“Anya is there something going on a should know about?” he demanded.

“No” she replied looking terrified, “they are just friends” 

“Friends? I don’t pay him to be ‘friends’ with my wife” 

“There’s no need to be jealous” Anya argued. “she wouldn’t do anything.. honestly I know she wouldn’t” 

“I’m not jealous” Christopher retorted “What do I have to be jealous of he’s just a boy, a teenager he doens’t even shave yet” 

“Then why are you shouting?”

“Because… because……….. she’s just a child too…………” Christopher sighed, realising his voice had been raised “they are both just children and anything between them would be…. natural, I guess… “slumping back into the chair “Anya I admit it, I have no idea how to deal with her”

2 responses to “Teenage Boy

  1. Christopher is clueless! I am glad to see that he is finally showing some interest in his wife. I can’t wait to see what happens next. How does Bailey feel about Maegan I wonder?

  2. He’s very clueless indeed, but at least he admits it. And at least he knows he needs help. And he also knows that he has no relationship experience, which is quite perceptive, really. I think some other guys with Chris’s experience in the bedroom would assume that they know everything there is to know about women. I give Chris a lot of credit for knowing what he doesn’t know … even if there’s little else he does know.

    I think what he needs to do is sit Maegan down and try to talk to her, about anything. Maybe he could offer to take her for a ride or two. Or better yet, teach her how to ride herself! Give her something to do now that he’s taken over the estate again. ;)

    And then if she still seeks out Bailey, at least he’ll know if he has something to worry about.

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