Together Again

Christopher genuinely smiled when Maegan walked into the room, his father had been right she had grown into quite a beautiful young lady. Walking across the chamber towards him, weaving her way though the hustle of the gathering noblemen she seemed more self assured than he remembered, less like a scared little girl.

“Christopher” she smiled, with a nod of the head, and there it was the flash of nerves the fumbling of her hands as she tried to take the arm he offered her unsure as to quite where to put herself.

Taking her hand he helped position it, before guiding her out into the gardens “Relax” he smiled “Your supposed to be used to my company by now”

He watched as she took a sharp intake of air to steady her nerves as they walked, “So how was your trip?” she asked.

“Productive” he replied “and profitable, we should have enough money to finish the décor of the house if you’d like to pick out some new furnishings”

Reaching a quiet portion of the garden’s he turned to look at her “Well let’s see what we have” he said with a grin.

His father had been right, there had been a great change in her since he had left, she’d filled out if that was the term, he was surprised by how quickly her frame had changed from that of a little girl to that of a woman.

Last time he had seen her he shape was that odd uncomfortable in-between stage, curves just beginning but not quite there, leaving the gown’s made for little girls looking stretched and uncomfortable, while dresses made for woman had looked equally ill fitting with corsets left with room to fill. Looking at her now, there was no doubt that she’d filled out in all the right places.

“Not bad” he smiled, “just one thing” reaching up behind her he pulled the two grips that held her hair allowing it to fall about her shoulders.

“I told Anya you liked it down” she apologised.

“Then perhaps its time you told Anya who’s in charge” Christopher smiled. “so really how have you been?”

“Well” she replied “I’ve been taking care of the house, I think you’ll find everything in order”

“Of that I have no doubt” he replied “My father tells me I should be proud of your effort’s”

“Your father is very kind” Maegan replied.

She seemed nervous, but that was to be expected, but it was a different kind of nerves than the ones he remembered her having, before she’d seemed scared of him as though she imagined him a monster ready to gobble her up.

Now it was different sort of nerves, a shyness caused by the fact that she saw him as a man. A sexual awkwardness caused by the fact that she hadn’t drawn judgement upon him yet, but knew what was to be expected. It was a relief to him, to find her nervous while his gaze lingered, it indicated she’d begun to explore that side of herself, and that he told himself was progress.

“My father tells me we are to share a room tonight, I asked for separate chambers but with everyone here there isn’t room, is that a problem”

“No not at all” and there it was, the tell tail signs, the look that told him all he needed to know. She had explored that side, but the panic in her eye’s told him she still wasn’t ready to take that final step, with him or anyone else.

“Good” he smiled “I’ll be a gentleman I promise”

“So when will a decision be made?” she asked “The crown?” she clarified.

“We meet at noon, votes will be cast then” he replied “So what of the rest of the day, do you have any plans?” She shook her head “Well I suppose we should at least pretend to have missed each other, how about we have dinner in our room together?”

2 responses to “Together Again

  1. Chris is still being a gentleman with her. Good, good, good. :)

    And noon tomorrow they cast their votes!! Oh boy! Part of me can’t wait to find out, and part of me is dreading knowing …

  2. Have I mentioned I love them….I wish we could see Maegan’s POV also…I wonder if she is still thinking of Jaedyn? I hope Christopher realizes what he has before she and Bailey get any closer.

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