New’s for the Lady’s

Maegan relaxed after a busy day, in the morning she’d been busy with paper work and meeting with a merchant from the estate wishing to move his shop into a bigger building and in the afternoon she’d been riding with Bailey and helping him in the stables.

She knew she’d promised Nicole she’d spend less time with him, but whenever he asked her to go riding she seemed to find herself incapable of saying no. She loved the days she spent with him he was funny and caring and even though Nicole had feared the relationship would take a physical turn it hadn’t and he always treated her with the utmost respect.

“Maegan!” a recognisable voice squealed from downstairs, followed by the trampling of feet up the stairs as Anya tore up and into Maegans chambers in a way that made Maegan smile even before she knew what it was he young lady in waiting was so excited about.

“Your father would throw a fit if he saw you racing around like that, hardly the behaviour of a lady” Maegan chuckled.

“Oh shut up” Anya giggled, grabbing Meagan by the wrist “Come quick we have to get ready?”

“Ready for what Maegan!” exclaimed, allowing herself to be pulled out of the seat.

“He’s home!” Anya squealed jumping up and down like a jack rabbit “he’s home, he’s home!!!”

“Who’s home” Maegan giggled.  

“Chris Silly! Chris is home, Fathers just sent a runner he wants us to go to the castle immediately, all the other wives are there… come on let’s get you changed” She said dragging Maegan over to the wardrobe. “Which one to you think?” Anya giggled pulling out a number of dressed.

The new’s was quite a shock taking a deep breath to steady herself “The Blue” Maegan mumbled as the new’s settled in, Nicole has told her to work on being an interesting wife but it had been less than a month, was she interesting enough yet?

“You don’t look very excited!” Anya asked, ceasing her bouncing and taking on a more concerned expression.

“It’s a shock that’s all” Maegan replied “I’ll be fine”

“You will be, Christopher is nice once you get to know him. I know he’ll take good care of you”

“I can’t even remember what he looks like” Maegan replied “is he handsome?”

Anya shrugged “I suppose, it’s hard to tell” she replied, pulling Maegan’s gown up over her head and replacing it with the blue dress they’d picked out.

“I’m scared, Is that silly?”

“I don’t suppose” Anya giggled “I guess it’s like your wedding night all over again, except this time maybe .. you know .. it will happen”

“Perhaps” Maegan nodded, her stomach turning knots. “Do you think, he’ll think me old enough this time?”

“He must” Anya grinned, pulling the fastenings on the back of the gown “he would never have come back if he didn’t, besides you’re a clear inch taller now”

“I guess”

“Oh I do hope you get pregnant quickly” Anya continued excitedly “It will be nice to have a baby around the place don’t you think?  Then maybe mother will visit more because she’ll have a baby too and they can play together. Besides it will stop all those stupid nosey noblewomen talking, don’t you hate the way they look down on you because you didn’t fall pregnant right away?”

“A little” Maegan admitted.

“Especially that Jaedyn Hamdun.. ever since she had Finnian she’s been simply impossible” Anya rambled without thought or consideration “I mean what room has she to talk anyway she only had that baby before Christmas and look at how long she’s been married”

“Yes quite” Maegan replied, the piece of something beginning to form in her mind.

“Come on” Anya insisted, “Sit down I need to do your hair”

“Leave it down” Maegan replied distracted, but sitting in the seat in front of the mirror all the same.

“I can’t leave it down, your going to see Chris, he’ll expect to see it up” Anya insisted dragging the brush though it roughly.

“He prefere’s it down” Maegan mumbled, trying to count the months backwards from Finnian’s birth to when Christopher was last home, but Anya wasn’t listening and had already begun to plat it.

3 responses to “New’s for the Lady’s

  1. Ooh I can’t wait to see what Christopher thinks of Maegan now. How long has he been gone for? She’s only 13, so that still seems a bit young, but I guess in medieval times it was the right time to start a family.

    And has she figured out that Finnian is Christopher’s son? That information is bound to start some sort of scandal, if she were to tell anyone.

  2. I am pretty sure she is figuring out Finnian is Christopher’s son. MAN! I was hoping she would see him and at least like him before she found out…I hope this doesn’t pull her closer to Bailey.

  3. The puzzle pieces are coming together — Chris is going to be in SO much trouble once Maegan figures it out!

    Or at least I hope he will be, provided that this trouble doesn’t involve swords at dawn.

    And I can’t help but be a little annoyed with Anya, blabbering on about being with Christopher and Maegan getting pregnant, etc. Even if Maegan was too young the first time around, i.e. their wedding night, at least she had warning. Now Chris has just shown up out of the blue and she’s expected to lose her virginity and get pregnant, stat!

    Hopefully Chris will continue to be an honorable man and won’t do anything before she’s ready.

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