Flock of Bats

You took ye time” Heather growled when Lar’s and Vincent finally arrived back at the castle.

“Woulda bin here sooner” Lar’s apologised, slightly out of breath from the run “Bloody mages had a few tricks in mind”

“I bet they did” Heather smirked, “Good job we have one or two of our own”

“Any idea’s how ter get in” Lars asked his eye’s scanning the defences, “An what about you?” he asked turning to Vincent and indicating up at the sky “You gonna be alright?”

Vincent looked worried, noticing the familiar glow on the horizon “I’ll be fine” He nodded, with a concerned expression.

“Are ye sure, cause me and Heather can handle it, if yer needin to go”

“That almost sounds like concern” Vincent smiled.

“Don’t be kiddin yer self” Lar’s chuckled, “Just trying to get rid o yet case yer screw it up”

“Don’t worry about me flea bag, Let’s get our girl” And with that Vincent didn’t wait to see if Lar’s followed, running full sprint at the wall he vaulting up it’s surface as though it was as made for walking, as the floor.

“Looks like he spotted them too” Heather nodded “Tarik’s on the 3rd floor”

“Right .. let’s get us some mages” Lar’s groweled, then he spotted it.  The subtle movement on the palisades, trying to focus his eye’s in the darkness he worked out what it was a fraction too late “Vincent NO !!” he roared, but it was already upon him. In the darkness it could easily have been mistaken for a flock of bats swooping in on Vincent’s position scaling the wall.

It was only when they got close could their scale really be seen, each ‘bat’ being easily the size of a man “Gargoyles” Lar’s growled before quickly shifting into battle form and sprinting to the aid of his unlikely ally.

Reaching the wall of the Castle, his eye’s turned skyward, above him Vincent had been long since dragged from the wall, his decent imminent the only thing slowing it was the flock as it tore chunks from the vampire.

Popping claw’s Lar’s hurriedly dragged them across the rock surface, “Let’s see how yer like this” he growled as the first, animated statue attacked. Sweeping upwards as it flew down his razor sharp talons cut it two like a knife though butter “bets yer weren’t expecting that” he chuckled, preparing to meet the next.

Beside him Vincent landed with a crash, his resiliently tough hide the only thing that saved him from the beasts, standing hurriedly the vampire was dwarfed next to the huge battle shifted garou. Reaching for a sword in his belt, he swung out watching as it clattered harmlessly the force of the blow tearing it from his grasp.

Lar’s chuckled, taking the head from another with his claws easily “Yer shoulda got yer self a set of these” he grinned holding up the claw’s so the moonlight could glinting off them.

Vincent nodded, Holding up his hands “Like this?” he asked proudly popping a set of  claw’s his own.

Lar’s nodded in approval, but the smile quickly turned to a laugh when Vincent stuck out at the first of the beasts, recoiling in pain as his own claw’s skittered harmlessly off the stony demon. “Accept no imitations” Lar’s chuckled, killing yet another.

“I never claimed to be a fighter” Vincent complained frustrated by his own inefficiency, he ducked to dodge another blow, his initial wounds long since healed.

“Then why did a bring ya?!” Lar’s grinned, felling two more with a single strike.

Vincent shrugged, but suddenly all the beasts that attacked him, stopped dead in their tracks.  Allowing him to casually bend down pick up his sword and sheath it, while Lars no more than two feet away continued to battle continuously. “You keep the dog’s at bay” Vincent smiled “I’ll find us a way in”   

“Bah bloody wyrm, don’t ya worry about me why don’t ya… leave me to sort out ya mess as usual.. bah…. “ Lar’s grumbled, irritated as all the gargoyles that had been attacking Vincent suddenly turned their attention to him.

Vincent quickly headed to the door, cautious not to touch it he scoured for a weakness in the wards.  

“Vincent” Lar’s yelled “Something tell’s me Heathers just bout ready”  and right on queue a horn sounded across the night, loud piercing and shook the souls of all that heard it, and as suddenly as they came the gargoyles fled.

One response to “Flock of Bats

  1. Vincent + Lars fighting together = WIN.

    Seriously, those two are awesome. I love their banter! “Accept no imitations’ in particular was priceless.

    If those two teamed up on, oh, I don’t know, just about ANYTHING on a permanent or just a long-term basis, they would totally steamroll whoever tried to oppose them. :)

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