Dirty the Doorstep

“It’s all your fault” Anya screamed launching herself at the boy who stood with his back to her in the stables, hitting him wildly in the back.

“What the…” he protested turning around in shock to meet her, he raised his arms in defence of her out of control swings. “What did I do now?!” he exclaimed, managing only to re-direct her blows away from his face.

“Maegan hates me” Anya protested, her initial fury subsiding and her swings softening.

“How’s that my fault?

“You know why” she growled, stopping hitting him.

“No, I don’t” he protested, “What exactly did I do”

“Taking her out riding all the time, three times in as many days.. it’s not right and if you lay a finger on her I sware i’ll… “

“You’ll what.. hit me some more” he growled, “besides it’s Bailey you want, not me”



“Oh!” she huffed, “Sorry”

“No your not”

Anya didn’t replied simply sticking out her tongue in protest.

“Watch out if the wind changes you’ll stick like that, though I dare say it’s an improvement”

“So where is he?”

“Gone home, I think your lady wore him out” Chase sniggered.

“Well you tell him from me, that if he go’s near her again… i’ll… i’ll”

“You’ll what? Slap him to death?”

“I’ll tell my father”

“Oh right, im sure he’ll be quaking in his boots”

“Well he should be, my father isn’t one to be messed with you know, he’s killed men for less”

“Oh im quite aware of what he’s done” Chase replied grimly, seeming unamused by her insult “But don’t you worry yourself, Bailey is no less interested in your little princess, than I am in you”

“Why not?” she replied.

“Why not what… Me or Him?

“Both” she glowered, unable to explain nor control how insulted she felt.

“You know, im not even talking to you about this. Typical girl thinking us boys are upto no good. Can’t even do something nice without being accused of somethin… I’ll tell Bailey to stay away from her if that’s what you want, but as long as you know, there were never any chance of him laying a finger on her.. he wouldn’t do that, not with her anyway. It ain’t proper to chase yer brothers wife and for all you think of us ..Chris is family and we arn’t the sorts to dirty our doorstep”.

One response to “Dirty the Doorstep

  1. I thought I commented on these posts days ago … but better late than never, right? ;)

    I find it interesting that Anya doesn’t seem to realize who she’s talking to when she mentions that Orrick has “killed men for less.” I mean, one of those men was Chase and Bailey’s father … and while I personally don’t think it was much of a loss for Chase and Bailey, I would understand if they feel differently about the situation.

    I feel bad for all the kids involved in this situation, though. Maegan because she’s been saddled with so many adult responsiblities before she had a chance to become an adult yet, Anya because she’s trying to do what she thinks is right and may lose one of the few friends she seems to have over it, Bailey because he’s getting dragged into the middle of all this, and Chase because he’s taking the slaps for Bailey.

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