Final Warning

“Where have you been!?” Anya demanded angrily when Maegan arrived at her bedroom.

“Out” she replied defensively unable to prevent her cheek’s burning red “Just riding, that’s all”

“Riding till all hours of the night?… with HIM no doubt!… AGAIN!”

“SO what if I was.. it’s just riding” Maegan protested “just riding”

“It’s not right” Anya replied “it’s nearing 10 o’clock at night. Not right at all. What would people think..”

“I don’t care what people think, people gossip whether there’s something to gossip about or not”

“I’m supposed to be taking care of you, what would Christopher think? What would my father think?”

“Let them think whatever they choose” Maegan replied defiantly “I’m not doing anything wrong, im bored and lonely and Bailey is fun to be around, he makes me laugh. Im not doing anything I shouldn’t be… besides Christopher left me.. he went waltzing off so why shouldn’t I have companionship?!”

“Because….. because it’s not right!” Anya protested her face going so purple Maegan thought it ready to explode “Besides i’m supposed to be your companion, aren’t I fun?”

“Dear Ann… of course your fun to be around” she replied, softening heading over to her lady in waiting and putting a comforting hand on her shoulder “but Bailey is different can’t you see that?”

“Yes Maegan of course I can see that and it’s why I fret so” Anya replied, likewise calming down, giving Maegan a look which told her, Anya was indeed just worried about her. “Lady’s shouldn’t seek the companionship of men who aren’t their husbands, I don’t want to see you throw everything away”

“You seek companionship, why is this so different”

“Your married Meg’s.. that’s why it’s different, I have nothing to throw away. My prospects involve staying here with you”

“Maybe your father will find you a husband?” Maegan suggested.

“Let’s be a realist” Anya replied, smiling sadly. “The only eligible boys around my ages.. are your brother, a year younger.. and so far out of my league it’s not even amusing”

“Perhaps it would happen”

“No” Anya replied “my father has already spoken with your mother, she won’t entertain the notion. Other than that there is Lorcan Beaumont, someone my father refuses to consider.. besides he’s so stuck on me staying here will you I doubt he’s given it much thought”

“What about Joseph?”


“Sir Bendett’s son.. he’s set up to inherit lands”

“Oh!” Anya smiled “Sorry he’s already betrothed “Your uncle arranged that months ago, he’s to marry Dawn Shaw when he returns from university… so you see I have nothing to lose.. you have everything”

“Including an absent husband” Maegan replied sadly.

“It won’t always be so” Anya replied “So I need you to promise me you won’t gallivant around with that boy any more”

“Oh Anya.. I can’t I like him”

“I know you do, and it’s how much that worries me”

“I won’t do anything wrong I swear it”

“Maegan no.. I can’t allow it. If you insist on messing around with him further I’ll have to tell me father.. do you… “

“No please don’t” Maegan interrupted, grabbing out at Anya’s hand “Please don’t tell Orrick.. please I promise we are just riding there is nothing going on”

“No Megs” Anya replied sternly “If you continue to spend time with him I’ll tell my father.”

“Why!? Why are you doing this to me?” she wailed, it all seeming so very unfair, breaking contact and running towards the bed where she flung herself“I hate you”

One response to “Final Warning

  1. Part of me cannot help being angry that Maegan is being castigated for having perfectly normal feelings and acting on them, while Christopher is off gallivanting with those mercenaries who-knows-where and with who knows how many women. Even though I’m sure his father will let him have it when he comes back, something tells me the women won’t be the issue.

    But the times are the times and I understand why Anya is so upset and worried. Maegan does have more to lose here than Christopher, or even Bailey. But on the other than, though Maegan’s reaction was childish, I’m not sure anyone’s allowing her to be a woman … she’s been expected to grow up instantaneously when it comes to estate management and running a household, but expected to stay innocent and pure when it comes to everything else.

    Geez, no wonder the girl wants to go riding with Bailey at midnight!

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